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  London Life 2005 / 6  
London Life
Stealth marketing

Conversation in a pub
Is it a real conversation or are they actors trying to sell you something?

Everyday we are bombarded by hundreds if not thousands of advertising and marketing messages. Most of these are obvious because we know that we are being advertised to. Recently however a new form of advertising is becoming popular - stealth marketing.

In this programme we learn a little more about stealth marketing from a founder of an advertising company which specialises in this form of marketing.


Vocabulary from the programme

product placement
when companies pay for their products to be used in films and television programmes, this is called product placement

pieces of paper handed out by people in the street which contain advertising messages

word of mouth
the passing of information not through media, such as television and newspapers, but through people talking about and discussing something

an adjective used for something that is designed to be hard to detect

a scenario
a pre-prepared dramatic situation

to overhear something
to hear something accidentally

to eavesdrop
to listen deliberately to someone else's conversation

a pay-off
a benefit


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