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Video English 8
Video English 8
The Teacher and a bee width=
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with bees.

1. Busy as a bee
2. The bee's knees
3. To have a bee in your bonnet

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What do you think is the bee's knees? Have you ever had a bee in your bonnet about something? Tell me all about it and I'll publish my favourite paragraphs.

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O. H, Belgium
I know, I have a bee in my bonnet.That's why I have to fix it once and for all. That gives me a lot of works to do and I am really busy as a bee!.But I am quite sure that the results will be the bee's knees.And no one can help me even you BBC guys because it's my secret.

Sarah, China
Hi, Teacher, Thank you so much for your another interesting English learning lesssons. I am not very busy in my work recently, that is, I am not working as busy as a bee, however, I want to be busy,because I know, to lead the bee's knees life, we must have a lot of work and enjoy it everyday, so I am now like having a bee in my bonnet. Anyway, everything will be better, I am quite optimistic!

The animal idioms are learner attractive and we may be running out of the idiom species soon. I am thrilled what shall come next and have BEES IN MY BONNET.

Huseyin, The Netherlands
Hi there,I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy and appreciate your lessons. Can we have more of such video's covering other type of vocabulary as well!!Many thanks again,Huseyin

Frank, Italy
Hello teacher.Every early morning I go working and straight away I become busy as a bee. In the evening, before going back home, I have a bee in my bonnet. Luckily, in the night I can connect on your web site and my mood improves and my worries disappear

Sunhea, Korea
My friend has a bee in her bonnet because of her bussiness. There are not many custommers in her restaurant but she has to pay a lot of money for her employees. I think the foods and the atmosphere are the bee's knees. I wish there are a lot of custommers so all the employees would work busy as a bee.

MaryCarmen, Mexico
Hello! Thank you Teacher for your time and show us several phrases to improve our English. In this moment, I?m busy as a bee, because I have many activities foy my class and this the reason that I have a bee in my bonnet.I think so that I don't have a relax weekend!!

Hung Hung,Taiwan
my father is as busy as a bee for his job every day because He wants family have a good life.

Vidyasekaran, India
I went to meet one of my friend in his office yesterday. On entering his office I saw everyone working as busy as a bee. There are all bees knees as they showed high level of professionalism and hardwork. My friend told I have got a bee in my bonnet after hearing my story.

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