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- Antony Gormley


- Bog snorkelling


- Joanna Lumley


- Portobello Film Festival

Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley is a very famous British actress, best known as Patsy in the television comedy series, Absolutely Fabulous. She started her career as a Bond girl in the James Bond film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and now she's even had a flower named after her!


Vocabulary from the programme

a group of soldiers

brought up
to be raised or to grow up somewhere
e.g. She was brought up in India

NOTE: 'Brought up' can also mean to mention a subject or to start talking about something
e.g. He brought up the subject in the meeting last week

an old-fashioned way of describing something terrible or bad
e.g. 'We made a fearful mess of the room'

NOTE: It is used more widely to mean 'nervous' or 'afraid'
e.g. 'He was fearful that he would fail'


adjectives or adverbs that express the highest degree of something
e.g. It's hard to find enough superlatives to describe this book

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