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Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling
Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling (Photos: Chris Pritchard)
Bog snorkeller
The World Bog Snorkelling Championships are being held at the end of August. What is this sport all about?

In this programme Callum speaks to one of the creators and organisers and finds out what it is and how and why it all started.


Vocabulary from the programme

a bank holiday
British expression for a National Holiday

a bog
an area of land that is permanently wet and soft, usually in the countryside

a snorkel
a plastic tube used for breathing while you have your head underwater

a trench
a long narrow hole that is dug in the ground

a competitor
someone who takes part in a sporting even or competition

flippers / fins
long, flat plastic boots used by divers (and most bog snorkellers!)

front crawl, breast stroke, doggy paddle
ways of swimming

a soft metal which is quite heavy

to do something for a good cause
to do something for a good reason, usually to raise money for charity

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