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- Antony Gormley


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A statue on a building
One of Gormley's statues looking out across London

Antony Gormley


Statue on Waterloo Bridge
A statue on Waterloo Bridge
The British sculptor Antony Gormley celebrates his 57th birthday this week, on August 30th. He is one of Britain's best known sculptors, responsible for such icons as the huge Angel of the North. Recently a new work, Event Horizon, caused heads to turn upwards in the centre of London.

In this programme we learn more about Event Horizon from Antony Gormley himself.


Vocabulary from the programme

an ambition something you want to do or achieve in your life

It's always been my ambition to get a job working with children

famous places and buildings that are popular with tourists

When I went to Paris I visited all the sights, The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, The Arc de Triomphe; they were fantastic!

popping up
appearing unexpectedly

an infection
a kind of disease or illness, like a rash that appears on the body

the shape and features of the landscape


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