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- My Best Friend


In this edition, we hear two very different views of a new French film called My Best Friend. It's a chance to learn several ways of expressing like or dislike when talking about films.

My Best Friend is directed by Patrice Laconte, and it's a comedy about an antiques dealer who sets out to win a bet he's made with his business partner - that he can't make a real friend by the end of the month!


Vocabulary from the programme

to be confronted by
to be challenged by

a profound absence
a great want

the mechanics of the story
the workings of the plot

looking down on other people

mature, thoughtful, wise

'It was a pleasure from start to finish.'
In other words, you really enjoyed the whole film

'It didn't work for me.'
In other words, you didn't like the film.

'It fell flat for me.'
In other words, you didn't like the film.

And a polite way to stress you are giving your personal opinion: 'For me ...'

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