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Vivienne Westwood

Punk rockers
Punk rockers

In this edition, we go back to the mid-1970s when punk rock and the British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood ruled the day!

Punk was a popular style with young people and it involved shocking the establishment with angry music, rebellious behaviour and outrageous clothes.

So what's Vivienne Westwood calling for rebellion against now? Hear some fashion terms and some informal expressions in the programme below.


Vocabulary from the programme

'that punk look'
the rebellious style of clothes and hair fashionable in the 1970s

to dis
US slang
to be disrespectful, to criticise

these days
We use 'these days' to talk about the present time, in comparison with the past.

'punk's heyday'
The 'heyday' of something is the time of its greatest popularity.

tartan bondage trousers
Tartan is a wool fabric, patterned with straight lines, especially in red or black. Bondage trousers have lots of zips and rips!

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