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- The Turner Prize


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No Border Crossing, 2001-2006 © Zarina Bhimji. DACS, London 2007 courtesy Haunch of Venison (HoV) / Camouflage Church, 2006 © Nathan Coley courtesy doggerfisher and HoV
'No Border Crossing', 2001-2006 © Zarina Bhimji. DACS, London 2007 courtesy Haunch of Venison (HoV) / 'Camouflage Church', 2006 © Nathan Coley courtesy doggerfisher and HoV
The Turner Prize

The Turner Prize is awarded every year to a British-based artist under the age of fifty. Even though the prize is named after a famous painter, there are no painters on this year's shortlist!

We hear parts of an interview with Rachel Campbell-Johnston, the Chief Arts Critic at The Times. She discusses the work of two of the short-listed artists: Zarina Bhimji and Nathan Coley.


Vocabulary from the programme

an adjective describing something that makes you remember other things
e.g. It was a really evocative song

to evoke
to make someone feel an emotion or memory
e.g. The song evoked painful memories
The demonstration evoked an angry reaction from the government

an adjective describing something which is expressed beautifully, especially in art, literature and music
e.g. It was a lyrical story about her past lovers

(usually plural) an emotion or idea that is not openly stated, but hinted at
e.g. It's a comedy, but it has quite dark overtones
There were strong religious overtones to his words

design and presentation that help people or objects to hide, by making them look like their surroundings
e.g. He made a camouflage outfit with paint and by using some leaves and branches
I've just bought some new camouflage design jeans... Aren't they cool?

to camouflage
to try to hide something by using camouflage materials and techniques
e.g. He camouflaged the hut with branches and dead leaves

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