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Video English
Video English 2
The Teacher and a horse
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with horses.

1. To eat like a horse
2. Straight from the horse's mouth
3. To flog a dead horse

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Do you sometimes feel like you're flogging a dead horse? The Teacher would like you to send a paragraph using one or more of the horse idioms from the video. His favourite entries will be published on this page.

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Enji, Beijing, China
Recently, I'm always feel hungery all the time, and every time I feel I can eat like a horse in the dining room. But always I waste food. It's a little guilty. I do not belive in anything until I heard straight from the horse's mouth. Sometimes I can not make any improvement in my work, maybe I am flogging a dead horse. But I will try my best to work hard and keep moving forward.

Hansol, South Korea
Sometimes, I played a soccer game with my friends. When I played it yesterday, my friends made skeptical assessment of my soccer skill, which is staright from the horse's mouth.I was really upset about what they said.After I went back home, I needed to come up with idea getting rid of stress and dealing with my temper, and I realized that eating food like horse can help me control my temper. By eating a lot of foods having numerous trans-fat and unnessary carbonhydration, I got 10 pound at a time. The problem was that I have one more game which is real competition with my friends again. I hope they are not going to think that they flop a dead horse about my soccer play and weight!!

Vu, Vietnam
Today, in our country, young people are taller and fatter, especially generation whose were born after 1980s. My young sister belongs to this generation. She was born in 1993, even though not being born with a silver spoon in her mouth but that time was an improving living standard period of our family. She grew up in quite good condition. She used to eat like a horse. And now, even being 15 years younger than I am but she seems to be weightier than I. My parents are a bit anxious about her fatness and keep her in moderation in eating and drinking. Inherently, Vietnamese is said to be small people but in not far future we will give out to the world a different appearance.

Miguel, Chile
Sometimes i feel i´m flogging a dead horse trying to persuade people to not smoking. It´s demostrated that cigarrette produces lung cancer and it isn´t a joke. i`ve already seen some cases in the hospital in young people and several times i´ve heard straight from the horse´s mouth in the college and the hospital. Be careful with your life!!!.

Shamil, Russia, Caucasus
The more one eats like a horse, the more he becomes like a horse.

Ernesto, Chile
Well. With the high cost of the energy I'm trying to save electricity at home and to make my family join me in that effort. So. I told them all the time to turn the ligts of when they quit a room or avoid to have two tv sets on the same channel in differents parts of the house. But they listen to me, say yes and one minute later forget my advices.Sometimes I really fell I'm flogging a dead horse.

Pricila, Brazil
I'm pregment and I'm eating for two, in really I'm eating like a horse.

Ibrahim, Somalia
I would like to write little short story using the phrase ‘eating like horse I was in Somalia high school which was kind far way from where I live And I had to stay school bit late after school time at night time whateverSo I had to eat foot in school at lunch time because I couldn’t be able to go home and eat food at my home like most of my school mates does I would go home and eat my food at home but unlucky for me because my home is so far a way from the school and I f I go home to eat my food I’m sure I ill be late from the school and my school teacher wouldn’t appreciate for I did being late and missing my lesson however I eat school food in dining hall as I ate my food I didn’t like the school food after I finish school I went to bus station and it was so busy so many people where in cue waiting the bus and I was very hungry I couldn’t wait the bus for just how hungry I was at the end the bus came and I finally get home and I went straight to preach to get some food I find lots food and I start eating them on stand I couldn’t be bather to set down and eat them on set after I finish them I start looking round and looking for other food as I was wandering around the kitchen I saw my mum sating on corner staring at me I said what is wrong mama and she answer me nothing I was just looking at the you eating like horse what make you eat like that ? Because I didn’t eat enough food at school mama that is the reason mama; ok son but don’t eat like that just take it easy the food is not running of you and if you need more just tell me and I get them ‘ ok mama I answered as I laughed

Assia, Algeria
My mum usually ask me if can I stop eating like a horse ;-)

Yonas, Calgary, Canada
I am admire the way of teaching that is provided by B.B.C.I have learnt since 2004 but some times I fell like flogging a dead hourse but now adays it is good and better becuse we learn straight from the horse'S mouse.thanks B.B.C!.

Mauricio, Brazil
If I hadn't heard it straight from the horse's mouth I wouldn't believe my brother really decided to go on a diet. The guy eats like a horse. Mom has told him to eat less a thousand times, but she seems to be flogging a dead horse. I hope he really means it.

Pilar, Spain
Once upon a time, a young girl decided to find a better life, far away from her house. As she was very short and thin, she decided to change her diet and She started to EAT LIKE A HORSE. The result was that she became a fat woman who couldn't move any part of her body. Then, she started another diet to lose weight, but it was like FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE. At the end, she couldn't achieve her dream. I know this story STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE´S MOUTH, because she is my best friend. Moral: Be yourself and you will achieve your goals!

Ibrahim, South Africa
Hello, teacher! Very good explanation about horse idioms. Congratulations...

Mohamed, Egypt
I am doing my best to change the young generation wrong ideas but i am flogging a dead horse

Natalia, Russia
My doctor recommended me not to eat like a horse, because it is not good for health, but I am always so tired after work, and it is always difficult to stop. Once, the doctor said, looking at me, that he felt like flogging a dead horse. I didn't think it was serios, but yesterday my girlfriend told me, that our boss is going to give me the sack. She heard it straight from the horse's mouth! I must do something, maybe I will try a new diet!

Halima, England
hi every one. thank you teacher.My frist language is somlia and i'm learning last two year .I didn't ear more food like horse.i'm so skiny the people told eat like horse. however i never see real horse but i watch the Tv. i hopy one to be came hore rider

Gambo Nigeria.
Yes teacher keep it up, this is the right way to learn, but i'm not good eater you knw.

Marisa, Brazil
That's fabulous. Sometimes when i'm ona diet I feel like flogging a dead horse, because the more I try stopping eating chocolate, the more I eat like a horse. lolI guess I won't forget these expressions.

Marzenna Poland
Great work. I'm sure studnets can remember these idioms.

Dung, Vietnam
I have studied English for several years but this is the first time I know this idiom. In my country, we often say 'eat like a pig' instead of 'a horse'. This funny lecture makes a strong impression on me. Just wonder if you could make a transcript after the lectures and if possible rasing the voice of the teacher a little bit. Many thanks!

Behnam, Iran
Absolutely perfect, keep it up guys

Mike, France
Well now teacher,Why did you not use my favorite idiom - "a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse"or "I'm so hungry I could eat the gable off a horse"The ones you did use were good though. Well done.

Vers, China
It is really fantastic! The teacher teaches in a very entertaining way, which enable students to learn idoms by heart effectively.

Young Hwa, South Korea
I know she's going to leave her job very soon. I heard that sraight from the horse's mouth.

Rajeev, Delhi, India
Hi everybody, This is the nicest and easiest way of learning idioms. Kudos to BBC for this. Eating like a horse makes a person dull and lazy.After half and hour of persuading my friend to come to party, it proved that I was flogging a dead horse.

Ademir, Brazil
My friend always says she is on a diet.But how can I tell her it is useless since she eats like a horse !

Tomas, Czech republic
Oooooo what a horse and he's wicked. from now on I'm gonna eat like a horse.

Toshiro, Japan
Sumo wrestlers, once retired, stop eating like a horse. It is like a caution we hear straight from the horse's mouth.

Mohamed, Sudan
I never ever feel like flogging adead horse when ihave learned from

Daniel, Spain
Thank you very much! This is a very easy way to learn idioms. But the quality of sound should be improved.

Hòang Ngân ,Viet Nam
This lesson is great !! I like this way of study idioms very much . The sounds ,the pictures will help me to remember this lesson easier and longer than the way which I used to do: Only learn by writing the idioms and make the sentences with that idioms. Thank you very much for your lessons . Please keep helping our in studying idioms .I hope you're always healthy to compose greater another lessons for our !!!

Mitoshi, Japan
He reminds me of Eric Idle or Kryten!I love his way of sketching. This page has become one of my favorites. Please make sketches explaining the origin of 'send someone to Coventry''White Elephant'and so on.

Sinat Dom, Sihanouk ville, Cambodia
Thanks for your nice horse idioms. I like it a lot. I enjoy your teaching.

Lucyana, Brazil
Telling my mother-in-law that she's not supposed to eat like a horse is the same as flogging a dead horse.

Emel, The Netherlands
Everything was terrible and we didn’t know exactly what happened in this room. After hours we saw 2 detectives from NW police department and got information about dead bodies straight from the horse’s mouth.

Rattana, Thailand
I have the same feeling as you. In my class I feel that I'm flogging a dead horse. The students don't care about the lecture. They just want to get out from the class

Yvonne, China
My roomate has been losing weight for weeks. She eats only fruit, but I always see her eating like a horse.In fact, I really want to tell her that we all like the lovely fatty girl she used to be.

Yoshy, Malaysia
Finally, I am learning English... straight from the horse's mouth.

Dibyo, Indonesia
I found that The Teacher is really funny, so I am trying to find the archive of The Teacher video's by exploring BBC web site and surfing to every web site in the internet, but it looks like I'm flogging a dead horse. I can't find it. :(

John Kim, South Korea
My girlfriend eats like a horse, but she would tell me about losing her weight, her determination about diet seems to me like a flogging a dead horse. i heard it from the horse's mouth, obesity is not from diet but form gene.

Cristina, Argentina
It´s brilliant!!!! The best way to learn idioms! Thank you!

Dorota, Poland
Yes, I feel like flogging a dead horse when learning English phrasal verbs - I forget them immediately! Could you do something about it? Maybe that's a good subject of your next lecture?

Maej, Ethiopia
I am not a good eater but I sometimes eat like a Horse especially when I come back from the GYM. Now that you have heard it from the Horse's mouth you will always keep something for me whenever I am coming back from the GYM.

Isai, India
One can not ride two horses at the sametime.

Ngoc Tuyen, Vietnam
Now i am taking an evening English class and also still learning English lesson from this page as i have been doing it for years, this is such a useful page for a learner like me and somehow it made me remember those lessons longer than what that i've learnt from School. Hope our Teachers will keep doing this great job.

Monoj, Bangladesh
Whenever i consider to sit for the IELTS and start practicing, it seems to me 'flogging a dead horse.

Mike, Taiwan
HaHa that's funny!I have a feeling that I am flogging a dead horse because there is not enough food and i can't eat like a horse!!

Ann , Taiwan
Eating is one of my favorite hobbies. I really enjoy eating food and always eat like a horse. Therefore, I've gained a lot of weight. Someday my husband said "you are too fat, you need to lose some wight". It was a severe insult that I heart it straight from the horse's mouth. Now I've decided to quit eating too much even though I know it's just like flogging a dead horse but I have to try it.

Chia-Kuang, Taiwan
Really useful and very easy to remember! Just love it!

Nelly, Peru
I have heard from the horses´s mouth that soon people will get visited by martians. I do not worry because martians will not change our mentality they will be flogging a dead horse.

Hòang, Vietnam
I'm interested in idioms, especially deep-meaning idioms. My brother eats three or four bowl of rice every day and now I can say he eat like a horse. BUt usually, idioms are various and why don't you put more idioms about things, animals but have deep-meaning

David Wang, China
How funny!Personally,I like it very much. I always eat like a horse at the delicious meals my wife cooks.

Erin, Taiwan
When I was a student my mother always told me keep studing hard. However I wasn't listen to her. I just watched tv after school. Now I understand why she said that. I can imagine her feeling at that time and that is to flog a dead horse.

Massimo, Italy
Your lessons are very nice and interesting.. but too brief.. I think you could keep our attention for 30-40 minutes.. try please...

Franko, Italy
Sometimes I work very hard that I skip my lunch. I go back home so hungry, I eat like a horse. Should I change job? I'm thinking about that but I'm scared not to find a better job, so I fell like I'm flogging a dead horse

David Hernandez , Colombia
The Teacher is an excellent and successful program i am really happy because with that useful tool i can improve all my english skills . thanks and congratulations again .

Marie-Louise, Belguim
No, I don't think you are flogging a dead horse when you are teaching me. And believe me it's said from the horse's mouth...i have no time now to learn more because i am hungry like a horse.Bye

Nripendra, India
I am famished. I could eat a horse.

Alex, Germany
Why do I have to do my homework? I prefer to horse around! Anyway, my horse sense tells me I could accomplish it in a slightly different way. Instead of working, I'm going to enjoy horse-play! Wild horses couldn't drag me to my desk.By the way, this show is great and should be on more often - but that's a horse of a different color.

My auntie was a woman of good taste and very particular about her meals, however her highclass notions never prevented her from eating like a horse, though a very blue-blooded horse and an aristocratic one.

Ariv Anaandha
Finally, I am learning English... straight from the horse's mouth.

Nor, Libya
I am studying for postgraduate in medicine but I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse. I highly appreciate you, You change my mood on your page..

Sabino - Italy
Excellent! be assured! you're flogging a live horse! ;-)Thank you and hope to receive more video.Regards

Montana, Thailand
Although you do alot of exercise, but you keep eating like a horse, it is like flogging a dead horse you won't loss your weight.I heard this straight from the horse's mouth.

Melado, Brazil
Hello, teacher! Very good explanation about horse idioms. Congratulations!!!

Ivy, Slovakia
I've never found learning English flogging a dead horse because I really like this language and think that being able to speak English is very useful nowadays. And If you ask me, it's quite important to enjoy when doing something, for example learning a language, because it makes it much easier. And with BBC and The Teacher is fun too! Many thanks to you all who create this website.

Wing, Hong Kong
When my relatives & friends see me, they always say that you're too thin that you should eat like a horse, but I don't think so, I just selectively eat what the food is more healthy to me. Isn't it a problem?

Marina, Spain
Very nice idea to give us the opportunity to put these "horse idioms" into practice, I give a go: My sister-in-law eats like a horse. She usually complains because she feels quite miserable lacking control of herself in this way. I think she definitely will feel better eating less and getting a varied diet. Each time I try to put it on our conversation I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse because she is as stubborn as a mule. She says that I am not her GP. I should stop repeating the same thing all over the time because it's perfectly obvious that she has no intention to change her food habits unless she heards it straight from the horse's mouth.

When i saw my exboyfriend's photo, I want to make up with him.So i sat in front of the computer to try to write a letter to him.In fact i am flogging a dead horse,because he never loved me, even though i didn't hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

losma, Argentina
Look back to my childhood I delighted watching my father playing chess long hours.when I was teenager I bought some chess book to improve my playing, however I had the feel that my intent was like flogging a dead horse.

João, Brazil
Great. I hope he didn't hear straight from the horse's mouth he's been fired. I hope Fred is alive, too, because they're very good teachers.

Omendra Gurung, UK
My wife eats like a Horse. I have been telling her to to regular exercise and eat less in order to loose weight, but I am flogging a dead Horse.

Manoel Carlos From Brazil
Unfortunatelly I work like a horse and eat like a horse too. Due to my big belly, sometimes I think I'm a pregnant man. Pls help me to lose my belly

Saman Kalubandara, Sri Lanka
Very interesting piece of idea. English idioms like this is very easy to remember this way

Marisela, Venezuela
This website is wonderful. I really eat like a horse but I never get fat, that's great. My boyfriend broke up with me I couldn't believe it! but I heard straight from the horse's mouth. O'm with a new one, however I sometimes feel like I floging a dead when I'm talking with him He never listen to me.

Fulgencio, Brazil
Some years ago, I used to eat like a horse. But I have had some education eating habits and now I don't eat like a horse any more. Now I know how important it is for me to control my eating habits. Eating like a horse, might be dangerous for our health.

I teach English to teenagers and with them most of the time I feel like if I was flogging a dead horse. Even more, I know from the horses' mouths that I am flogging a dead horse. That is why I eat like a horse, it must be desperation.

A nice way to teach idioms...

M.Luiza, Portugal
The more English I try to learn the less I seem to know. It is almost like flogging a dead horse.

Mohamed, Jordan
Great job indeed, this man is wonderful and affable.

Kim, Norway
This is a very funny and easy way to learn English idioms. I like it a lot and hope that this video section will continue...My brother eats like a horse. There is no point to change him, it would be like flogging a dead horse, he said it himself, because he loves food. I heard it straight from the horse`s mouth.

Yasuko, Japan
I like your teaching with a video clip. The images, the sound effects, and the speed you speak are all well organized as a learning tool. I learn something every time. Thank you.

Danielle, Brazil
I loved this class. It's very useful while its fun!

Pierre Roy, Canada
At the hotel, my friend XYZ eat always like a horse. I'm not used to this king of behavior in public places. Every times we go, every time he repeat the same pattern; eating fast and to much like a horse. I give up telling him, it's like flogging a dead horse. But I heard straight from the horse's mouth that he can't stop doing it; it's a compulsived behavior. Now, I'm a little bit more awesome with this friend.

Aruna Kulkarni, NJ, USA
I would like to send a small paragraph using the 'idiom', 'straight from the horses mouth, It is always better to get the truth, proper important information or any knowledge straight from the horses mouth, so that the info or knowledge will not be misinterpretede or twisted or mis-spelt, creating a confusion or misunderstanding amongst the people concerned.

Israel, Brazil
I love this teacher! well done!

Alex Wang, Canada
Everybody read some news, I guess. But for me, sometimes when I read news, I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse.I came from China and currently in Canada. And my first language is Chinese while the ubiquitous business language all over the world is apparently English. I need to blend in with Canadian culture and society. And I must push ahead my career and life. So I decided long ago that acquiring proficient English language skills is among my top goals.However, living in Canada, a country whose main official language is English, doesn't lead to automatic improvement of English skills. Personal effort is definitely required and a lot of them is actually required.What bugs me the most is the improvement of my reading skills in English. The main culprits are that my vocabulary is too limited and that I'm a little too ambitious. Especially in the first five or six years I stayed in Canada, every time I saw a person carrying a piece of newspaper in English or reading it, I got a little nervous. I would think, "I can't read newspaper so easily now. I must work on it." Days and nights I put into reading a variety of sources of English with the aid of Oxford and Webster's language dictionaries. Newspapers, magazines, online articles, books, novels, and even books containing study tips offered by Chinese university professors who teach English ...What a long journey that has been ... I must admit in the past long run my effort has paid off. Now I can read more quickly and effectively. But occasionally, especially when I'm deprived of time, which is quite common for most people in this era of scarcity of time, I still feel like I'm flogging a dead horse.There's still a long way to go to achieve an acceptable level of English that's on a par with the locally born Canadians and other native English speakers around the world.

Sylwia, Poland
These lessons are awesome!!!And the Teacher is handsome ...

Eriton, Brazil
Very funny indeed. About the "class", well, I got my kicks out of watching it. Wonderful!! If all teachers were like him, I think no students would have difficulties in learning English.

Yen-len, Australia
Thank you teacher! I hope you don't feel that you are flogging a dead horse by trying to teach us these things!PS I like you're glasses. They look like shiny insect wings

Freda, Germany
Flogging a dead horse may not get you anywhere but flaying one can get you a nice pair of leather trousers and enough meat for a sizeable spitroast.

Yoli, Spain
Yes, I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse often, especially when I start again my english classes and when I try to go on a diet because I eat like a horse

Sanja, Serbia
Well I don't have problems with eating,so I don't eat like a horse. I could say I barely eat. But learning English is like flogging a dead horse. One day I am satisfied with my English and second day I am not. I don't know what to do about this. It seems like I will never learn it. Ciao

Nancy, China
I'd like to write a short paragraph using the phrase 'to eat like a horse'. While I was in senior high school which was pretty far away from my home, I had to live in the school's dormitory for the night and I could go gome at weekend. Like most of my classmates, I ate in the school's dining hall, but I didn't like the food there. When class was over on Friday, I rushed to the train station and bought a ticket to go back home. When I finally got home, my mother already cooked several dishes for me. I took a taste of every dish at first, oh, they were so great! I told my mother these were the best food in the world, after saying that, I went on eating until I could not manage another bite. Sadly, my stomach felt uncomfortable after a few minutes. And my mother said it's because I ate like a horse.

Vidyasekaran, India
My Father is an English professor. When i was young he would teach me English every weekend. However he often felt like flogging a dead horse when i made no progress. He seldom appreciates me. But when I recently called him up and spoke to him in English. He was very happy to hear me communicate so well and appreciated very much for the same.I was delighted on hearing as such accoldates from him as it was straight from horse's mouth.

Harry, Kiung
Everytimes when I teach my brother English, I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse.However I cant tell him straight from the horse's mouth he has no talent in English.

Peter, England
Brilliant. Very funny. Why can't all teaching be this memorable?

Houssein, Iran
The origin of many diseases is obesity and actually we can control obesity by diets.But it seems it is very difficult for some people to control it .They either eat like a horse or diet, which is like flogging a dead horse.

Narciso, Spain
I was on a diet for months until my friend told me straight from the horse's mouth I was flogging a dead horse. Since then I eat like a horse, however I do a lot of exercise.

Guthemberg, Brazil
Many people tell me that I eat like a horse. In fact, I have three main meals and five snacks daily. However I've started to think carefully about it since my girlfriend told me the same. Indeed, arguing with her is like floging a dead horse.

Rodrigo A., SP, Brazil
I often feel like I´m flogging a dead horse when I´m trying to gain more english vocabulary. The words I learn today replace the ones I learnt yesterday! It feels like I'm horsing around!

Landai, France
hello Teacher,Thank you Teacher, keep up good job.I understand and use a bit more those idioms with ease

Shokoufeh, U.A.E
never believe somthing that you didn't hear straight from the horse's mouth.

I am not a big eater ,which means I don't eat like a horse.However, my husband thinks I'm getting fat a little bit. I have been told it straight from the horse's mouth recently.Although I try to get enough excercise every day,I am flogging a dead horse because he won't change his thought about my figure.

Angela, Dominican Republic
Yes, sometimes I do feel as if I were flogging a dead horse. For example, sometimes I come up with the brilliant idea of going on a diet--for the umpteenth time. At fist, my resolution is unbendable; I have the willpower of a soldier and enough stamina to light the whole city of Las Vegas, but all it takes is the tasty, tempting view of a chocolate cake a few inches away from me to start eating like a horse again. To make a long story short, I binge over food and end up feeling like a ragged doll that has been repeatedly battered, and to make matters worse, my sister told me that Rafael, one of her best-looking friends, said I was "too fat." I couldn't believe it!!, but it was true. Still, I felt compelled to ask her again: "Did he say that?," I asked. "Straight from the horse's mouth, sweetheart," my wicked sister replied.

Ratiba, Algeria
Hello I am Algerian girl, two years ago I decided to lose weight because I am only 1m60 tall and 100 kg weight . One day my fiancé told me that I am looking like a cow because I eat like a horse. I heard it straight from the horse's mouth. I have stopped eating so much and have started exercising but I feel sometimes like I am flogging a dead horse I am still fat !!!!!!!!!!

Odette, Germany
Outstanding!!! Witty and informative at the same time.

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