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Mother and child

This Sunday is Mother's Day in Britain. Sons and daughters will be thanking and honouring their mothers for all the hard work they put into raising their children.

But can our mothers have too much influence over us? Do you ever feel like, as you get older, you are slowly turning into your mother? Do you look more and more like her? Do you sound like her?

In the programme this week, we ask men and women if they take after their mothers. We focus on the language our interviewees use for describing personality.

You can download an mp3 version of the programme and a script at the bottom of this page.


Vocabulary from the programme

to take after someone
to be very similar to them

to reprimand someone
to tell them off for doing something bad or wrong

to have a temper
to get angry very easily

a certain way that a person does or says things which is typical of them

to be independent
to be confident and able to do things on your own

to be an individual
to be different from other people

your attitude
the opinions and feelings you have about something
Example: She has a negative attitude towards her work.

to be caring
to want to help other people and make sure they are happy

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