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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


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Unhappy man in an office
Redundancy doesn't always have make you feel like this...

Handy tips for redundancy


This week, we talk about what happens when you're made redundant (you lose your job because you're no longer needed). It's usually not a very enjoyable experience. But, as we find out, it doesn't always have to be bad news.

In this programme, we hear from a famous business expert and writer, Charles Handy. He has lots of useful advice about coping with redundancy.

You can download an mp3 version of the programme and a script at the bottom of this page.


Vocabulary from the programme

to be made redundant
to lose your job because you're no longer needed

to reinvent yourself
to change the way you are and what you do

to re-educate yourself
to learn new skills and gain new knowledge

to invest (in something)
to put time, money or energy into something in order to make it a success

to do an internship / to do an apprenticeship
to work for an organisation for a while to learn how to do a particular job

to be an individual
to be different from other people

to get a lump sum of money
to get a certain amount of money all in one go (often offered if you've been made redundant)

to blow it
to waste it
Example: Don't blow all your money on a car!

a business card
a small card with your name and contact details which you give to people you meet

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More Business English from Charles Handy
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