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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


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- Shopping online


- Shappi Korsandi - stand-up

A man using the internet

Have you ever bought anything on the internet? Online shopping is becoming more and more common in the UK and in Weekender, we hear BBC business reporter Russell Padmore explain where else internet shopping is popular and what kinds of things people like to buy on the internet. And people in the UK tell us what they really think about buying online.

Before you listen to the programme, read these comprehension questions. Try to answer them as you listen. You will find the answers in the programme. Check your understanding by trying the quiz in the Extras section below.

1: Can you name one of the 'developed' countries mentioned in the programme?
2: Can you give an example of something people prefer not to buy on the internet?
3: What worries people about internet shopping?

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Vocabulary from the programme


a significant part
a large part

the retail sector
the area of business where things are sold; in basic terms, shops

to be confined to
to be only in that place

a developed country
a rich country whose industry is advanced

a developing country
a poor country whose industry is not so advanced

something that was accepted or fashionable once, but isn't any more because it's not modern

to recommend
to suggest that someone should do something or have something because it is good

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