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Poles in Britain

This month, September 2006, we have been focussing on Poland as our 'Country of the Month'. In this edition of Weekender we take a look at how Poles are portrayed in the Britsh media and also report on a survey of Poles living in Britain. How do they feel about the British and do they think they made the right decision to move here?

Before you listen to the programme look at the following comprehension questions. You can hear the answers in the programme and check your understanding by trying thr quiz in the 'Extras' section below. You can also download the script and the programme.

1: What event led to a large number of Poles coming to the UK?
2: How does Emma say Poles are portrayed in the British media?
3: According to the BBC survey what do Poles think of British people?
4: According to the survey what percentage of poles regretted their decision to come the UK?


Vocabulary from the programme

people who travel from one country to another to find work

the movement of people into a country from different places

the arrival of a large number of people at the same time

to portray
to represent or describe someone in a particular way. Also used to describe what actors do and the content of artisic works.

In the film he portrays a man who has lost everything.
The painting portrays a scene from a historic battle.
The media portrays young people as rude and lazy.

to be trustworthy
to be honest and reliable

to be industrious
to be hard-working

to have integrity
to be honest and with strong principles

the flip side
the opposite side of an argument, the negative effect of something positive.

The weather this summer has been really hot and warm, the flip side is that my garden is dying!

to be diligent
to work in a way that is correct and careful with a lot of effort

Try the comprehension questions
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Polish survey results
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