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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


- Individuals in the news


- Poles in the media


- Carbon neutral Al Gore


- Shopping online


- Shappi Korsandi - stand-up

A search and rescue helicopter
A Royal Air Force search and rescue helicopter
The news is often dominated by conflict, disaster and tragedy around the world. Sometimes, however, a story catches the eye because it has a personal or local connection. There is human interest at an individual rather than global level.

In this programme we look at one such story which unfolded over a week in September 2006. As the days passed new information was released until a surprising final twist.

Before listening to the programme look at the comprehension questions below. You can hear the answers in the programme and check your understanding by trying the quiz in the 'Extras' section below. You can also download the script and audio for this programme.

1: Why was Callum particularly interested in this story?
2: How long did emergency services search for the man?
3: According to first reports what had happened to the man?
4: What was the twist at the end of this story?


Vocabulary from the programme

to be stranded
to be trapped and for some reason not able to move away from a particular place

to be semi-conscious
to be in a medical condition where you are not fully awake or aware of what is happening, perhaps because of a head injury

to surface
when something that is under water rises up to the top of the water

After three months underwater the submarine surfaced before returning to its base.

to spark something
to be the reason something happens

The theft of the Mona Lisa sparked a worldwide hunt for the thieves

Try the comprehension questions
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Follow the day by day development of this story:
Report 1
Report 2
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