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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


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Recycling box with empty packages

In this edition of Weekender, we take a moment to consider the packaging that we get from supermarkets when we go shopping. Is it all really necessary and, given the negative impact waste has on our environment, how can we help to reduce it?

We hear from Britain's Environment Minister, Ben Bradshaw, who was recently caught out when he and his household didn't recycle their waste properly. He has some tips for us!

Before you listen to the programme look at these comprehension questions - you'll hear the answers during the programme. There is also an mp3 download and script available, below.

1: Why did Ben Bradshaw and his household make a mistake with their recycling?
2: If we have too many plastic bags, what can we do with them?
3: What does the expression 'pay as you throw' mean?
4: Who does Ben say we can complain to about over-wrapped supermarket goods?


Vocabulary from the programme

materials that goods are wrapped in for sale, e.g. paper, plastic, cardboard

the authorities
the officials, here, people in charge of local recycling

lessen, make a smaller amount of

non-recyclable waste
items that cannot be used to make new things and cannot be used as they are by other people

has more wrapping on than is necessary

ridiculously, shockingly, in a silly way

legal, court proceedings

successful prosecutions
legal cases where people or organisations have been proven guilty


Try the comprehension questions
download scriptProgramme script (pdf - 21 k)
download audioDownload this programme (mp3 - 1.8 mb)

News story on recycling

Guardian newspaper article on Ben Bradshaw's views*

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