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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


- Handwriting


- My Job Special


- Supermarket packaging


- Billie Piper


- World Affairs


In today's programme we look at how your handwriting can reveal aspects of your personality. Handwriting expert Adam Brand takes a look at one person's writing which slants to the left and gives his views on what that means in terms of the kind of person they are.

Before you listen to the programme, look at these comprehension questions. You'll hear the answers during the programme.

1: Does Adam think the handwriting reveals that the writer has high or low standards?
2: Which country has published studies on children's handwriting?
3: Does Kate use a pen or a pencil?


Vocabulary from the programme

slightly reserved
unwilling to show or express feelings easily

to be certain of your own abilities

cursive handwriting
joined up writing


someone's right to keep personal matters and relationships secret

Try the comprehension questions
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