Weekender 2005 / 6  


- Handwriting


- My Job Special


- Supermarket packaging


- Billie Piper


- World Affairs


In December we published these five features:

We look at how your handwriting can reveal interesting things about your personality. Handwriting expert Adam Brand takes a look at one person's writing which slants to the left and gives his views on what that means.

'My Job' special
In this episode, a 'My Job' special as we hear an interview with Sarah Niles who goes on stage to entertain people for a living. We find out what Sarah's job involves even before she gets on stage.

Supermarket packaging
Is it all that supermarket packaging really necessary and, given the negative impact that waste has on our environment, how can we help to reduce it?
We hear tips from Britain's Environment Minister, Ben Bradshaw.

Billie Piper
In this programme, we listen to an interview with a famous pop star, actor and author and she's still only 24 years old! Billie Piper first hit the headlines when she signed a million pound record deal when she was still a teenager. She then went on to play the part of Rose in the award-winning Doctor Who series on BBC television and has just published her autobiography.

World Affairs
Mark Doyle tells us about his work as a World Affairs Correspondent at the BBC World Service. His job involves travelling to different countries to report on a variety of subjects, including economic and political issues and wars.
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