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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


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- The Corner Shop


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Food in a shop

As part of BBC Learning English's special focus on Pakistan this month, we find out about one of the things Pakistani migrants and their descendents are most famous for bringing to Britain's streets: the corner shop.

As you listen, try to answer these questions:

1: What does the female client like about the shop?
2: What did Amjad like best about working in a corner shop?


Vocabulary from the programme

corner shops
small shops near people's homes

to run out of milk
to not have any milk left

to stock
to have available to sell to people
Example: The shop stocks all kinds of food.

it's handy
it's useful

it saves going to the supermarket
it means you don't have to go to the supermarket

communication between people

spur of the moment
Example: On the spur of the moment, I decided to go on holiday.

community cohesion
good relationships built up between a group of people living in an area

to trust someone
to feel sure they that are honest and will not do anything bad or wrong

an economic asset
an advantage for business

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