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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


- Affluenza


- Later language learning


- Wiltshire's underground city


- My Job: Soldier

One of the roads in the bunker
A road in the underground city
Wiltshire is a part of England to the west of London. It's home to mysterious places like Stonehenge, Avebury and a top secret underground city.

In this programme we find out about the place known as Burlington. Before you listen have a look at these questions. You can hear the answers in the programme.

1: Where was Burlington built?
2: When was it built?
3: Why was it built?
4: When was it closed?

You can download an mp3 version of the programme and a script at the bottom of this page.


Vocabulary from the programme

top secret
something which is top secret is known only by a few people. It's information that must kept secret from most people.

a codename
a secret name for something used so that other people do not know what is being talked about

the Cold War
the period of political and military tension between the Soviet Union and the West from the 1950s to 1989

a bunker
an underground storage space or place for people to protect themselves from what is happening above ground

a quarry
a place where stone and rock is cut to be used for building, for example

the surface
ground level, not underground

for example, when a military ship is no longer needed it is said to be decommissioned, it is no longer part of the monarch's armed forces

officially not a secret any more

download scriptProgramme script (pdf - 21 k)
download audioDownload this programme (mp3 - 2 MB)
See pictures and a video tour of Burlington
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