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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


- Affluenza


- Later language learning


- Wiltshire's underground city


- My Job: Soldier


This week, we find out about 'affluenza' - a word invented to describe something which a famous British psychologist claims is making many of us very unhappy.

What is it, who does it affect and what can we do about it?

Before you listen to the programme look at the comprehension questions below. You can hear the answers in the programme.

1: What does Oliver James say is causing affluenza?
2: What does he think would be the best single thing we could do to reduce affluenza?

You can download an mp3 version of the programme and a script at the bottom of this page.


Vocabulary from the programme

a word invented by Oliver James to describe unhappiness caused by an obsession with money, appearances and fame

Affluenza is becoming more and more common in rich countries

to be affluent
to have lots of money, nice houses or expensive things

a kind of illness, like a cold, that people can get from other people

the things you have or own

what people look like, how they are seen by others

an arrangement where someone is responsible for looking after children

your status
how important or powerful you are seen to be

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