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  Weekender 2005 / 6  


This week, Margaret tells us what it's like to be a housekeeper and look after a family and their guests. She explains what made her stop working as a 'professional' and become a 'Mrs Mop.'

As you listen, try to answer these questions:

1: What did Margaret do before she became a housekeeper?
2: Why did she decide to change her job?
3: Why was she once embarrassed when people asked her what she did?


Vocabulary from the programme

a housekeeper
someone who looks after a house, makes sure it's clean and the people in it have what they need

the most enjoyable aspect
the thing you like the most

it gives me a buzz
it makes me feel good or excited

to be made redundant
to lose your job because you aren't needed any more

to give it a go
to try it

your soocial status
your social position e.g. whether others see you as important or educated

to give it a go
to try it

to be insecure
to feel unsure about yourself and lack confidence

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