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Asae from Japan - 'I like to go to exhibitions... I love art'
Asae is a student at Frances King School of English
'Need + verb-ing'
Sometimes it's useful to talk about fixing or improving things, but without saying who is going to do it. To do this, we can use need + verb-ing. Today we challenge Asae from Japan to form correct sentences using this grammar, and in return she gives William one or two pieces of advice!


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Need + verb-ing

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To talk about fixing or improving things, you can use need with an -ing verb. There are three parts to this structure. First, you name the thing – my hair, or the car, or my shoes. Then you say 'need' - or 'needs' - and finally, a verb with –ing.

subject need(s) verb-ing
My hair needs cutting
The curtains need washing

subject doesn't / don't needverb-ing
My hairdoesn'tneed cutting
The curtainsdon'tneed washing

do/does subject needverb-ing
Does my hairneed cutting?
Do the curtainsneed washing?

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Now it's your turn to practise need + verb-ing. Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

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In the next programme, we're looking at another way to talk about improving or fixing things...

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