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A question from Phanit in Cambodia:
I am Phanit from Cambodia. The question is that I found an abbreviation 'R.P.' and I don't understand what it means. Please explain what it is?


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Sarah Bradshaw answers:
Ok, Phanit, I can tell you what R.P. means. The letters 'R.P.' stand for 'Received Pronunciation' and here 'received' is used as an adjective to describe pronunciation, but really what it means is how 'middle class' people speak in southern Britain.

So, for example, I have an 'R.P.' accent - I don't have a Scottish accent, a Welsh accent, a Northern Irish accent, an accent that defines me from a particular town or region. I have the accent that is, generally speaking, largely from southern England, southern Britain, and it's a class reference as well, it's how middle class people speak.
You hear it a lot on the World Service. Does that answer your question?

Phanit: Yes, that is what I wanted to know about.


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