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Use the grammar

Now is your chance to use this week's grammar!

Tells us about your plans for the next few weeks.

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Constance, Nigeria
Nest week am going to be very busy in the office from monday to friday. On saturday i am going to attained the women's thanksgiven in my church. I would like to invite you, to go with me to sunday school in my church on sunday.

Nuala says:

Hi Constance,

Thank you so much. I'd love to visit you in Nigeria but I'm going to be watching a friend's daughter in a dance concert on Sunday. But thanks for the lovely invitation!

You used 'going to' to talk about your plans for this week and the weekend. Well done! But, you didn't put a subject (I, you, he, she, etc) here - 'am going to be very busy'.

Don't forget that words like 'i' and days of the week ('sunday') need capital letters. And watch your spelling on 'nest', 'attained' and 'thanksgiven'

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ahmed Elgaddar, Egypt
I'm seeing the doctor at 5 pm tomorrow. I've already made an appointment. He's going to pull out a bad tooth and he's going to fill another. Then at 9 the same evening I'm meeting my girlfriend Susan. After that we're going to a desco. We're going to have fun. What about you? What are you doing tomorrow evening? Any plans?

Nuala says:

Hi Ahmed,

It sounds like you've got packed day tomorrow. My day's much more mundane compared to yours! Nothing special planned at all, unfortunately.

You used a nice mixture of ways to talk about your plans. Good!

In English we go to see a doctor if we're ill or something is wrong with our bodies. But for our teeth, we someone else - the dentist

The spelling of 'desco' isn't quite right. Do you know what the right spelling is?

I hope the dentist doesn't cause you too much pain!


Lili, France
l have a very exciting plan for next month. My husband and I are going to London for a week-end. We are taking the Eurostar and are going to discover a new journey, a new station, St Pancras International and a new London, as the adverts say. On Saturday evening, we are attending a concert at the Barbican. And maybe my husband will agree to do shopping with me? After all, Christmas is coming soon. There is just one problem - my English. I speak it so badly. In London, everybody speak English! But I am going to improve my English, thanks to you.

Nuala says:

Hi Lili,

Someone else who's going to have a great weekend with a loved one. I see a theme emerging here, don't you?

You used a nice mixture of ways to talk about your plans for next month - the present continuous, going to and will . Well done!

Just one small point to look at – 'everyone' is plural. So should it be 'everyone speaks' or 'everyone speak'?

And if your spoken English is anything like your written English, you'll do just find in London next month!

Glad to hear BBC Learning English is helping you improve your English!


Rana, Abu Dhabi
This week I have a lot of things to do. On Thursday I have a computer exam so I going to study from Sunday to Wensday. On Thusday I am having a dance class and after that I am going out with my friends. On Friday I am going to go to Dubai with family.

Nuala says:

Hi Rana,

It sounds like you've got a busy week ahead of you!

You used the present simple, the present continuous and going to to talk about your plans. Well done!

You've missed out part of the verb 'to be' in this sentence 'I going to study '. And in this sentence 'I am having a dance class' because it happens regularly(every week) the present simple would be better.

Finally, there were a few slips in your spelling of these two days – 'Wensday' and 'Thusday'. Do you know what the right spellings are?

Good luck in your computer exam!


Ana Paula C, Brazil
I am going to have a dinner with my husband on Saturday night. But he does not know yet. I am going to surprise him and we are going to wash a film after. He thinks we are not doing anything. Will be a great night!

Nuala says:

Hi Ana Paula,

It sounds like he's in for a surprise or two this weekend!

You used a nice mixture of ways to talk about your plans - going to and will. Well done!

Since you're talking about having a fun, relaxed time with your husband, I think if you used contractions, you wouldn't sound so formal. For example, "I'm going to have". There are five more places you could use contractions in your piece. Can you find them?

There are three other small points you might want to think about. Firstly, with the expression 'have dinner, breakfast, lunch' etc we don't use the article 'a'. Secondly, the verb 'wash' means to clean with soap and water. Is that really what you're planning to do with the film? And finally, you need a subject at the beginning of your final sentence' Will be a great night!'. Should it be 'There', 'It' or 'We'?

I hope your husband enjoys his surprise film and food!


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