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Video English
Video English
The Teacher and a horse
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with fish.

1. There's something fishy about this
2. A big fish in a small pond
3. A fish out of water

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Gonza, Spain
Amusing how well and funny the teacher explains it. Thank you

Xiaojing, China
Interesting! But I think you can give a little bit more repeats of idioms

Judit , Spain
It's a very good idea I will use this video and hopefully the ones that will follow in my classes

Jimmy Qi, China
Very good and funny! I like it! next one please!

Katlin, Brazil
Awesome!A really funny teacher is everything we need to learn!Congratulations!Katlin

Lilla, Italy
GREAT! He's funny and I think is very usefull for our English. It'd be fantastic having it in MP4 or in something way to download in my IPOD.Why not open this from of teaching also for other web situation( I'm thinking of somenthing like "the flatmate" in video....)Bye.

Ahlam, UAE
Excellent, I have learned the idioms and it is really interesting vedio.Keep doing that teacher!

Nadia, Czech Republic
Nice, enjoyable.Come on and try to do it how Dave Kees recommends - more idioms for 1 situation.

Ivan, Russia
Pretty fine, but I wish I was able to download the video on my computer...

Franklin, France
Excellent, I've learned two more idioms, thanks!!!

It's such a amazing thing what you did! Lot of congrats and keep doing that teacher! I counting on you, andI just can't wait for next June, 21!

Jesús, Spain
Very goog video, thanks.

Dave Kees, China
I think it is better to not teach similar sounding idiomatic phrases together because it's easier for students to get them confused later when they try to remember them.If you're going to teach "something fishy about this" then it would be better to stick with that one idea and present other common idioms and ways of saying the same thing.

YongHae Kim, Korea
It is very interestiong video. I will look forward to seeing the next video.

Alex, Uruguay
I really liked the video, and the best thing of all is I can remember the idioms and their meanings even though I've only watched the video a couple of times.

Nuria, Spain
I am impressed!.A very enjoyable way of learning.Many thanks.Waiting for some more.

Marie-Louise, Belguim
I give him a 10. Bravo!

Harlley, Brazil
I think it would be better to available these videos on flash(like YouTube) instead of Real Media Player. Flash is more commom at browsers. thx.

Ali, Egypt
This really good and interactive way to Present English lessons I really like it. And I would like to thank BBC team work.

I just wish the video or even the script was downloadable. Maybe in the next time! :P

Fawad, Afghanistan
I love the way you teach keep going think you.

Heba , Egypt
very cool thanks for all

Azmee, Maldives
Very good, I always learn english more

Teacher Lygia Beatriz Junqueira, Brazil
You are a good provider.This sort of visual activity certainly brings out the best in students making them want to be better and better.There are many different reasons to give you a compliment, but the most relevant is because you are connecting honestly, directly, and kindly with another human being. A human being who seeks ongoing learning....Wishing you many good-feedback answers,Teacher Ly

try to invention short cut method so that we can learn simply.anamul

Emerson, Brazil
The teacher like a fish out of water, but he's cool. Keep this iniciative! That's great!

Petterson Zugaib, Brazil
It's a very interesting and innovative idea. There are many English instructors that don't have such a tool to improve their English. Thanks!

Thien Tam, Viet Nam
thanks BBC'S for this programme. how about the programme next time? i'm waiting for it!

Fabio Sacco, Brazil
This video thing surely was a great idea. This is going to help many English learners. Thank you!

Martin, Czech Republic
Amazing! Funny guy. Thanks!

Giuliano, Italy
It works, and that is the main thing.Actually, the idea could be extended to teaching phrasal verbs as well.

Jing, Japan
That is interesting,thanks for your great job.

Zhang Yang , China
a little bit easy, but i like it.the teacher's teaching manner is very interesting! i really appreciate that.

Yasuko, Japan
It is very interesting. Watching a video with real objects is very effective for learners and make it possible to recall the idiomatic pharases with images. I enjoyed the program very much.

Bruna, Brasil
I really loved this first video!I will watch all of them because it will help me to improve my english.Thanks!

Jeff, Poland
I have found it amusing and extremely useful. It helped me to remember all the phrases he taught straight away. I hope he will continue with his videos and his own teaching methods. Excellent. Thank you

Duc, Australia
I love this video. Thanks.

Fernando, Brazil
IT's a good way to learn english. Congratulations!!

Cagla Caglayan, Turkey
I liked this practice very much because of so amazing and funny. Both of you can teach easily and have a fun. I hope we can see a lot of practises like it.

Daweina , Sudan
it~s v. good ,we need more

Adriano JM Ferreira, Brazil
Very good! This the best website on the Internet.Spreading the correct use of the English language and at the same times making it pleasurable.Congratulations!

Thea, Taiwan.
Cool and interesting. I can easily memorize these phrases. Thank you.

Kiril, Bulgaria
Go straight ahead!

Nikos, Greece
It was wonderful, completely success!!All the concept was great and interesting!Congratulations

David Mao, China
very funny!

Aree, Thailand
excellent,my student will love english more than ever. Thanks to BBCworldservice

Doris, Peru
that´s very nice and interesting I hope to learn more

Nelly, Peru
It was a great start. Please give us more of idioms in this funny and very simple way. Thanks a lot!!

Barney, USA
Clever and compelling but only if you know a hell of a lot of English to start with

Paul, China
This video is absolutely wonderful and attracts my eyes very much. I like the presenter a lot. But the most fishy question I'll ask is how long and irregular this programme could run ahead.

Louis, Mexico
Excellent video for English teachers!! Congratulations!

Mahrou, Iran
great job teacher keep posting

Abdullah, Pakistan
Sir, Its really a nice way to teach, pharases, I am very excited when u teach, i really like ur style.

Antonio, Italy
Excellent! I love this teacher and I love his method.

This is very silly you should change

Anett, Hungary
It was excellent and funny. Good job!

Alexander, Russia
Funny, witty, enjoyable as well as very easy to remember. Thank You The Teacher!

Thea, Taiwan.
Thank you to combine the related phrases together for us. It is helpful when we learn English. I especially like the picture-fish. Very catchy.

Thea, Taiwan
Hi, teacher,I was attracted by the big fish. How big the head is. It is a good idea to start a lesson by using picutures. I like it.

Gabriel, Argentina
Absolutly, fantastic.

Vahid, Iran
It is really great! keep doing this good job!

Massimo, Milan, Italy
Very Nice and useful!!Just what I need...thanks

Tom, Namyslow.
Nicely done! Though I think that it is pointless to write the idioms down. Keep up good work.

I think it's very good

Vicetne San Nicolas, Spain
very funny, my pupil at the end told me: there are no more videos?, is this the end?, the anxiety of my pupil for more videos is the best resume of your lesson

Kang Miao

Thanks,This type of teaching is fantastic.I do appreciate for your notation.Regards,Mohammad

Matthew Tsang, Hong Kong
Bravo! BBC learning english is a good learning method. It was a little bit of dark, as a whole it is terrific.

I like his teaching.

César, Brazil
Man, you are really cool. I really had some fun watching your first video. But, you know... there's something fishy 'bout that "helper hand" LOL!!!!

Ferhan, Turkey
Many thanks for this programme.I really found it very informative and interesting.

Alexandre Farina, Brazil
Congratulations, very didactic, funny and practical, Great! Keep making more of this!

Emine, Turkey
I think it's very useful in learning english.I would like to see the video abot the other topics.because we are the small fish in the big tank.(Big tank is English)

Sergio, Portugal
Good, realy good, because this idea make easy learn this language and remember to use.When we will have the next?Congratulations!!!

Very good. Interesting and pedagogical.More please.

Melanie, Poland
Dear Teacher,I'd like to say: great job!!! This is just what I need! To be able to listen and watch a lesson video makes such a difference when it comes to memorising eg idioms. You've created the whole context for the expressions introduced (not mentioning that I love anything to do with water & fish :-) Although I'm an advanced learner (preparing to become a teacher myself) I've benefited from your lesson both for the purposes of my knowledge of the English language and my teaching skills. I just hope you'll stay with this site, we need you!!!Mel

Ernest, Poland
Great! Much more of these please !

Ngoc Phuong, Vietnam
Thanks a lot for making such an interesting video.

Matias, Argentina
Bravo! Excellent!Although I'm an advanced learner, I found it really interesting.Keep on with these great videos!

Ségolène, Germany
A big bravo! BBC learning english is an amazing good medium to learn english and enjoy it !Although the sound of the video is not really good. Could you make something to correct this dysfunction, please ? I'm expecting with impatience the next one! What about duck ?

Aman, Coventry
Oh i like that it's very funny and i like it i did'n see before

Bernard, France
Not bad!But, is the second idiom reversible? I mean, the teacher is like a small fish in a big pond!

Sebastian, Ghana
This sound interesting but hope to learn something more challenging.

Galina, Russia
Amazing! Very artistic! I like it very much. Looking forward to the next one.

Janet, Cyprus
I enjoyed it. If only we all had time/facilities to show pics like these in the classroom. I am glad to see someone has worse whiteboard writing than me!!! Looking forward to the next video.

Robert, Czech Republic
Very funny and nice to watch. Willdefinitely follow the programme...

I think you're a good teacher,and,very expecting the next one.

Dinesh, India
It's very nice!

Elle, China
Very interesting, and I hope to learn more about British English. Thank you!

JX Zhang, China
It is fantastic. providing a new way to learn english, i dare to say this program will be very popular in the future.

Luis, from Chile
I think this way to teach idiomatics phrases is very funny annd didactic.I'm sure will be a succesbest regards and congratulations for the idea!

Alex Wang, Canada
A great video! It's as short as four minutes. But it conveys explanation of the meaning of the idioms and the usage of them. It also provides vivid context associated with the three phrases: a fish out of water, there's something fishy, a big fish in a small pond. Actually, it has stimulated my imagination. Now I'm sure that I will recall this video when I need to use the three phrases linked with the word "fish".However, there's a major drawback of the video. And that is the sound quality is not good at all! So I couldn't hear the teacher clearly enough!

Totally stupid

Tomas, Spain
I'd rather to confront and to compare the real speaking English to which we study and then the teacher's explanations the differences between both.

Gvantsa, Georgia
It's very good but It will be better if you change it in once a week.

Teresa, Spain
Good idea and congratulations! BBC.COM is a great web to improve my English. I really think it´s very useful. Thanks!

Hernan, Argentina
One of the most difficult aspects of learning a new language is the idiomatic side + its usage in real life.So I think real-life interviews with ordinary people spontaneously using idiomatic phrases + The Teacher commenting on them would be great!

Dikra, France
It is very funny.I would rather have a teacher like this.My level in english would have been much better.Thank you so much.

Eriton, Brazil.
This video is extremely amazing!!!Learning English with such a sense of humour is very interesting. Congratulations!!!!

Frank, Germany
Really good! The video has a good didactic (?), so that I can easy understand and remember the phrases.

Ruby, Viet Nam
Ha ha, the teacher makes me laugh a lot and is very easy to understand and remember the idoms :).

Didier, France
100/100 - Just expecting the next one.

Fawaz, Jordan
very interesting but i need learn English.

Mauro, Italy
Great! I would just suggest to also include street people speaking idiomatics, it' s not so difficult to read and to speak, it' s frustrating to try to understand real English!

Sara, Costa Rica
It`s an excelent video... well done ..thank you so much

Great! Very funny and easy to understand. Big thanks to BBC staff.

Srik, Sweden
easy to understand, good job!

Le Thanh Trang,Vietnam
You are very creative at teaching english.I like it.I look forward to seeing next lesson.Thank you very much

Marianne, Germany
I think it is a great way of teaching English you can get it easily I really liked it thank you

Marta, Poland
It's good! Some more please!:)

Zhengtianyue, P.R.China
I like this lesson so much ,and thanks bbc for providing it for free.

Denis, Brazil
Congratulations! It's a very funny away to learn more about English. I realy like it.PS: you need RealPlayer to play this video (.ram format).

keep going with such a thing

Omar, México
I think is very nice way to learn, I liked a lot. Thank you for deliver other interesting option to learn English

Bogotá, Colombia
Nice, here in Colombia we have a idiomatic phrases with fish. when somebody has The ability to do something.we say " he is moveming like fish in the water

Anne, Belgium
This is great ! I'm looking forward to showing this to my future students.

Magdi, Sudan
great i like this

Jusper, China
Hi, the video is fantastically good. I's sure I will never foget the three fish-related idioms!

Sarah, Germany
Great Video, Funny, good to remember, not like a lesson, just nice to watch :)Good job!

Doaa, Egypt
Its a wonderful vedio and the teacher is so funny.

Xuan Le, Vietnam
It's an eye-opening video with lots of new idioms to learn. Thank you about it. Will wait for more interesting programme...

Josef, Czech Republic
Well done! Thank you!

Yassine, Morocco
It's great, a good toll to perform your english

Peter Lai, Taiwan
Thank you for giving us this wonderful video. It's really educative and interesting. Thanks again for the effort you have put in preparing this.

Crescent, China
Fantastic.So good.Thank you.

gr8 idea. I hope to find a new video next week.

Ana Georgina, Brazil
Really Briliant!!!

Åsa, Sweden
I think this is a good idea. I enjoyed it, and I look forward to watching the next episode. Idiomatic expressions are very useful to know of especially for us living outside the English-speaking countries. Thanks.

Marcos, Spain
It's great. I'm just waiting for the next one

Nitin, India
Its great and awesome to learn things in such a way...

Why I can't watch the video?Can anybody tell me what's wrong?Thank you very much.

I feel very glad to learn English by this way.SO I think I can improve my English level in a short time.Thanks!

Sabitri, Nepal
Fabulous, describing the meaning of the words and presentation make a person to learn quickly for a older person, because we were taught differently of the language, Thanks go to the BBC team, who deserve it.

Mario, France
Very clear explanation,easy to understand and very interesting as far as the english language is concerned.Thanks

Katherine, Malaysia
This is good learning method. It is interesting and with motion, moreover this kind of teaching/learning method would be easily memorised.Keep doing this kind of "portion", we would happy to have it. Thank you.

Rajni, Nepal
very interesting and knowledgeable video. thank you so much to learning BBC.

Denise Nascimento, Brazil
Thank you for such an enjoyable way of learning English. I really appreciated that video. I hope I can watch much more videos like this. I will never forget those idioms. I wish I could also learn phrasal verbs through that effective way of remembering things... Kind regards, Denise

Mahsa, Iran
It is very wonderful and i use others tip a lot. please continue this way. tanks a lot.

Fang Fang, P.R.China
This man is very funny, I like him.This video is cute.Please make more interesting vedio like this for us. Thanx

Alain, France
Thanks to the BBC ! That's a good idea. It'll take more space on my computer if I want to download it. But it's another kettle of fish ;=)

Maria, Bulgaria
In my opinion the video is a perfect way of learning. Thank you so much. I am waiting for the next video.

M.J.Miege, France
I like it because I can see and hear the teacher explaining the idiomatic phrases, and it's easier to remember them.

Shafeeq, India
the phrase "there is some thing fishy" does not make any sense however it seems good to use this phrse quite a few times

Sunny, Korea
Very interesting video!! Very easy explanation about the idioms. It was very helpful and also funny.

It helps to remember idioms

Sylvain , France
At last a wonderful way to learn English.Please send more video!

Michèle, France
It's supper!I enjoy listening to BBClearning English. I'm fond of your way of teaching. I try to speak English more fluently but it's difficult because I learn alone!thanks for your help!(I teach one by one French pupils, I know how it's difficult to teach!)

Phuong Anh ,Vienam
It's very intereting to learn in this way .Thanks BBC.Dear teacher ! You are a handsome man ^ ^

Saman Kalubandara, Sri Lanka
The vedeo teaching is very very interesting to learn English and it looks alive and striking very well than reading or listening. Please keep on using this way to learn English. I hope video teaching will be more longer version than this.

Sivagnanan, Sri Lanka
It is excellent and great.web should reach more people.

Krishna Chowdhury, USA
This is a beautiful and very attractive presentation first time I enjoyed in learning english programme.So, I am waiting for next (enjoyable) topic.Thank you very much.

Ramiro Ibarra, Mexico
The video is very funny, interesting and didatic (very good for learning), is easy to remember the exaples and to memorias the idomatic expression. Thank you.

Rechard Li , China
What a beautiful fish. Never tell me its meat with chemical smell.

Sinat Dom, Cambodia
It's really nice to learn this idiom. I strongly hope that you keep on this good way of teaching. Thanks a lots.

Milan, Brazil
I think is a great video, congratulations !!!!

Macky, Japan
You are a very interesting teacher , indeed. I like your video. It is very easy to understand these idioms.Thank you. I 'm looking forward to a next one.

S.P., Hong Kong
Special thanks to a very interesting and intelligent man. And please send my acknowledgement to your brother, oh no, should be your boss. ^0^

Elvin, Azerbayjan
Yes, I can admit that it's ok , and you really remember with fun , it the best way to learn a language! You are the boss!!!!!

Javier, Spain
apart from this guy is a crazy as a loon, I think this is a very effective way of learning idiomatic expressions. Hopefully, I expect his next video soon.

Joop The Netherlands
Very funny !!!I have heard the expression : Learning by doing.In this case it must be learning by fun.

Larissa, Brasil
A very funy,easy and innovative way to learn English expressions. I am waiting for the next movie!

Muhammad Shahbaz ,Pakistan
I have been attached with this site fews days and I felt new charm with life because I feel that I cannot write and speak English.but today first time I visited this session and I really like this and especially those person who commented on this.with the support of these people I abled to write doubt this type of practice create lot of confidence,and every visitor do comments on his/her sense like me.this is a way to learn and fun.thanks teacher and visitors.keep it on.

Euler Jamison Passos, Brasil
I really don't think the teacher is a chump. somebody was unhappy with this comment. What i think is that the teacher should keep up with this wonderful work, and with his outstanding sense of humor !!!

Anna, UK
I love it! I teach English to kids who want to come to university here and they ALL find idioms IMPOSSIBLE... this kind of thing would be invaluable to help them learn - funny & not patronising!

Manuel Saavedra, Peru
I'm absolutely convinced I'm obssesed with BBC learning english dot com!!! thanks folks!!!

Mehrdad, Iran
It's just the correct method to make non-native english speakers remember the idioms and expressions, WAY TO GO BBC !!!

Ansgar, Germany
Great! Videoclips with fun and repetition. These are learning technics which makes fun and memorable. Continue, please.

Hoang Ngan ,Viet Nam
I have loved the way which you give example about a photograph with a tank and the sound of it and "tank" with the meaning :the place where fish has lived!!!It has made I remember more.Your video is great!This is the first time I have known a new way to study idiom!Thank you very much for all you did!!!But I hope if having a script together with the video is greater! Because there was some words which I couldn't understand !!!Because of my listening skill hasn't been good!!!Thank you again!!

Sam,Dominican Republic
I think is a very funny way to teach. The idiomatic phrases are a good tools to development in a conversation and the teacher make them more easy to learn. I am looking foward the next video!

Raf, Poland
I have found it really intresting. I think it is a very good idea and you are doing a great job. Especially a teacher :)) I very much look forward to more lessons like that.

Gianluca Italy
Very nice.I need it. Thank you!

Oscar, Chile
It's a great idea.

Natalia, Russia
The video is very interesting and instructive. It encourages you to learn more about the subject.

Kawu, Nigeria
please more of idioms

Sanja, Serbia
This video is great!When we had this kind of lectures in our schools it would be great! It would be interested for everyone.Thanks Teacher

Eila, Finland
Superb!It makes learning Engligh more fun and memorable. Good way to utilise technology for multisensory teaching and learning methods. I wish to see and hear more of this. Thanks and looking forward to seeing the next session.:)

Norbert, France
very pleasant and very interesting video helps very much please continue thanks a lot to BBC

Uiara, Brazil
Very, very funny this video. It's a pleasure to learning English like this.Tank you BBC.

Daniel, the Czech Republic
Great stuff... I really like it. There is nothing left to say about this course. Just keep it up!

Ayse, Turkey
I really liked this video..I hope next video will be better..congratulations BBC

Gintas, Lithuania
very good,man!respect for work..

Dronashish, Nepal
Eureka!! You have elucidated very clearly. Looking forward to more videos.

Ashraf, Palestine
wonderful presentation especially when dealing with idioms

Sahar, Iran
Nice! makes idioms easy to remember. Waiting for more videos, thanks BBC

Bibil, India
It was interesting

Vladimir, Ukraine
Nice one. Just loved it. I'd like to see more. Regards.

David , Colombia
it is very funny and interesting for all the people that want to impruve their english skills . thanks and congratulations !!!!!

Kumar Brajesh, India
BBC do a diffrent thing every time in excellent way.the people get more knowledge with good exmple.Congratulations to all BBC family.Thank you very much.

Flowera, Morocco
Really it's wonderful,fantastic!!!!!new technique to get information in an amuzing and quick way!big thank you BBC and the teacher of course,you have a witty manner of teaching by the way!!!!you are a whizz in teaching

Mia, Paris
he is very good @doing this kind of teaching .just many thanks to bbc learning English web .

Evanglin Emayavarman
Wow its simply superb.Good work !!!!!

Nora, Hungary
At last, we need more videoform. It's so realistic.

I am surprised by this vidio,it's very interesting!!I'm very happy and thank you BBC!

Adam, Ghana
The fish looks funny and does not look real

Marija, Lithuania
Thank you for very good and useful form of education, teacher! Regards!

Faranak, Iran
It's very interesting for me learning like this . I hope be able to countinue till like native english people . Thank you very much of your suporting .

Ana Lúcia da Silva, Brazil
Congratualation to BBC team. I see you very inovatives. Every time I visit BBC website, there is an interesting new link. I loved THE TEACHER. Please, The TEACHER FOREVER.

Isabelle, France
It's usefulle and quite funny, easy to understand beacause welle pronounced. I hope there will be some more soon!

Aldo Roque, Brazil
I really like the idea and the production. It´s easy to understand, funny and clever. Congratulations !

Renaud Jean, France
It is always interesting to learn English expressions. And to learn in watching the video,I think,there is nothing better. Thank you BBC.

Faranak , Iran
It's very interesting for me learning like this . I hope be able to countinue till like native english people . Thank you very much of your suporting .

Monika, Czech Republic
Great, I really liked it. In my opinion, it's a new and very entertaining way of learning english. And learning something while you are having fun at the same time, it's the best combination.

The quality of video is so bad. But style of teacher is fun. I like it.And I hope you improve the video.

Marcos Lomar, Brazil
It's a very creative video. I hope the teacher continues. Congratulations BBC!

Charles, Taiwan
Fun learning and he makes it easy to remember these phrases. Brilliant!

Frederic, France
I think it's one of the best ways to remember what we learn when it's associated with pictures or videos, and The Teacher is so funny!!!Thank you BBC.

Ana, Poland
I spotted it a few days ago but I'm writing only today just to confirm that, yes, this is really very effective and not only because of audio visual effects. Perhaps this is also a narrowed context that makes you concentrate mainly on the new idioms (but to be honest they are rather easy to remember). Anyway, chapeau bas at BBC team creativity!!!

Rodrigo, Brazil
I love it! I´d also like to congratulate you guys from BBC. Your website is boosting my english!! Thank you VERY much!

Gulcin, England
I have found it amusing and extremely useful. It helped me to remember all the phrases he taught straight away. I hope he will continue with his videos and his own teaching methods. Excellent. Thank you

Be LeThi,Viet nam
Handsome, politely and friedly And so on

Behrooz, Iran
so was intersting , i enjoyed it.

Laksitha, Sri Lanka
i like this course.

well done,it is very nice

Cyma Rajput, Pakistan
Superb thought, I really enjoy the way you educate us. Hats off for you

Hazara,Sri Lanka
Interesting,and explained in a very funny way which helps in learning more.Thank You BBC n hoping to see more of these video's

Khawar Khalid, Pakistan
Great..way to learn english on the internet, please keep it continue...!!Best Of Luck

Jcjriver, China
Humourous,I like this way to learn English. The more the better.

Mehdi, Morocco
very good method thanks

Thach Sanh, Vietnam
these 're the best ways of learning English. They 're hepful for us. Thank a lot BBC.

Jeong Ah, S.Korea
So interesting! I will try to use these expessions in my conversation today. Thank you, the teacher! ^^

Mouhamed, Algeria
a really funny teacher with a good british bronunciation which i like and a good method i can say the best method to learn english is in bbc learning i really like this site i will begin to learn from this site british english because i'll moove to england in 2 or three years believe me guys this is really the the convinient place to learn englishespecially the british one .your friend and learner of english from algeria,northern african country.coooooooooooolllllllllllllll

Rehab, Egypt
this is an interesting idea. thank you BBc for your effort.

Shirani, Switzerland
It's very impressed,I do hope that you would continue

Alice Giavua, France
Very useful lesson, I enjoy a lot. But sound is not clear. Teacher feels far away when he speaks.I hope BBC keep up this website.In any instance thank you BBC and teacher

Federica, Italy
Super coooooooool!!

Koukouriver, Cote d'Ivoire
the fish is extraordinari I think

Lee lema, Cameroon
wow it's always the best. keep on

Mikeal, France
i am trying to speel better in this mail. is this teacher married? i do hope not. the comments are lots.

Banafshe, Iran
wonderful, bbc learning are really good, love it.

Khalid, KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
I'm a little bit fishy about the video's clarity but it is really beneficial

Manish, India
I liked the video. It's like having fun with english. I hope this will continue.

Sandrine, France
a super idea

ho-tak Chan, Hong Kong
English teaching can be taught in such a vivid way that even the most demanding student certainly loves it. I will present this video to my Hong kong students who in general lose interest in learning English which, however, is increasingly important in this increasingly globalised world.

Wong, Singapore
The teacher expression is interesting, this is a interesting way to learn English, I like it.

Nacho, Spain
Good One! I'm an English teacher from Madrid and I wanted to congratulate BBC for the amazing educational website you have designed. Keep it Up!

Mikeal, France
Where did you get this idiom? a little bird told me that he would be doing a few more of these wonderful videos. Thats good. Some people won't understand and make a mountain out of a molehill but I know that a nod is as good as a wink to a blind man and won't be counting any of my chickens before they hatch. I do hope to see more of this though:-) well done

Sibel Akkaya, Tturkey
good fun, excellent.. thank you dear teacher...

very usefull lesson and interesting teacher.

Mohammed, Sudan
not bad

R.Cornelius, Sri Lanka
Teacher expression is very atractive. Sound is not clear.

Angela, Italy
big fish? Good fish!

Younus, India
quiet instilling

Willie Power, Killinascully
Tis unbelievable what the BBC can do with the video, its the best thing since the invention of the blah!! The making of this is no doubt the Teacher. He`s a legend already in Killinascully. Keep up the work boys.

Iqbal, Pakistan
It is another good attempt to make english easy and understandable widely. To make it more effective cover all commonly used idioms in everyday life. Need to improve quality of voice in this video clips.

Hermann, Berlin
Great fun!

Wing, Hong Kong
Wow! Really Really big fish! I 've seen it in HK Ocean Park.Thank you, teacher.

Mohsen, Iran
not bad

Massa, Japan
Very funny! I liked it.


Robert, Australia
I highly enjoyed your video, and anticipate my Japanese students will take to it eagerly.

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I love theacher's funny expression about the phases. It's so cute and very easy to remember. I can watch this video many times and still feel so interesting.

Kátia Mayumi, Brasil
Very nice. I really enjoy this video. Hope find more and more of it.

Cristina Florencio, Brazil
Very funny! I liked this way to learn new expressions in English.Thanks.

Claudia, Brazil
Very very interesting ... The tips are excellents.

Rafael. Mexio
Well done! congratulations!BBC it is very nice and interesting way to learn English like this. I hope the teacher can show us more videos every week.

Rafael, Mexio
Well done! congratulations! BBC it is very nice and interesting way to learn English like this. I hope the teacher can show us more videos every week.

Alessia, Italy
The teacher is quite fit...(this is my no.***)and somebody named Torsten Verbier from China is definitely fishy...

Lotte Buffone -Brazil
I loved the video. It's great!Congratulations for BBC and the teacher too

Kwame, Rwanda
Thank you, it might be intersting when you read the comments but i wasn't able to watch the fish video, keep it up sir!!!!


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Daniel, Peru.
niceeee, I really liked it. It was nice, funny and interesting. very good.

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I think the Teacher is fab, I wish we'd had him when I was at school and I think he's a brilliant way to learn english. I try speak english well but the Teacher helps me. he is the best!! And very patient and funny so i not feel stupid at all. Thank you BBC.

Cristina, Italy
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! It made me learn three new sentences and made me laugh a lot. This idea is really a stroke of genius! I'm eager to see new videos of Mr Brown...

TAEWON, South Korea
It was very easy to understand and funny. I think it must be useful to understand to distinguish subtle idioms. Thank you for the explanation.I look forward to watching the next clip.

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Marcelo, Brazil
I liked. But the song it was very low.The text is good and the presentation is nice.

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Its really very interesting and wonderful but its having a voice problem voice and picture is not very clear.Voice is also very low its not loud and clear.Please do something for it.

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Nevia, Italy
Very interesting, indeed.

Mandalika, UK
Great innovative way of learning useful phrases. It's easy to remember when we learn through such interesting presentation. Thank you.

BBC Learning English
Dear everyone, many thanks for your kind comments and, importantly, your suggestions. The Teacher would also like to say that he's never been called a chump before but it made him laugh and that's good!

We're looking at your suggestions and we hope to include some of them in future episodes. In particular:
1) We'll provide the script as a download
2) We'll look at the sound issue - it doesn't seem to be a problem for all computers, but we'll investigate
3) We'll lighten the video
4) We would like to make the video available as a download and we're investigating whether this is possible
5) We're not able to provide the video in a flash format. When we can, we will
6) The Teacher is looking for a 'silent' marker pen Isabel, but we're not hopeful
7) At the moment, The Teacher can only make one video every fortnight - too many students, too little time

Thanks for your suggestions, please do keep sending them in.

Giovanni Battista Forlino
Quite good: explains english idioms in a witty way.Giovanni Battista Forlino (ITALY)

Paul, Italy
Very nice!

Mirjana Hostettler, Switzerland
The video is absolutely fantastic! I believe that many learners and teachers will find it very useful and amuzing. Besides, there is certainly nothing fishy about it and the teacher is not like a fish out of water! I am looking forward to the new videos.

Mariusa, Brasil
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said, Egypt
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Hello!Absolutely great your video, so I think! For me with medium-knowledge of the english language it was really helpful, with the right speed of speech and clearly spoken sentences and phrases. I hope there will be produced many more of these videos!!!Bye, Dirk

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very nice video. I'm waiting for a long time for the video like this, finelly it arrived. I hope you can do videos with dialogues as well.It's a very good way to learn english. Well done.

Nim Hoan Van, Vietnam
It has been very useful, especially for those spoken English as the second or foreign language. In addition, this new teaching approach seems to be effective with me anyway. Thanks BBC very much.

Nìm Hoán, Vietnam
It has been very useful for those spoken English as the second or foreign language. Thanks BBC very much.

Kunal singh, India
It is great that one can learn it so easily. The idioms will not be a night mare anymore

Betsabe, Venezuela
The video is wonderful, very clear explanation and easy to remember because is being done in a simple funny way. Thanks BBC for helping us to improve our english. Well done!

Asie, Australia
something that is unreal and tricky

Cemal Baki, Turkiye
I think, this is an easy and effective way of learning new idiomatic phrases. Thanks BBC for that.

Samar Jameel,Yemen
I think it's a useful manner to make learning funny and interesting,but the only thing I didn't like is the ugly fish.Keep going teacher.

carlotta, italy
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Funny way of explanation of some of the phrases connected with fish.I think, that this video is succesfull and I hope The Teacher will give us some more funny and smart videos.

I'm very interested in learning BBC English, for example how to learn phrase verbs and so on. I think BBC can do it more often. Thank you.

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Edo, Italy
Excellent and useful not just the idiom itself but how it is performed. This is an excellent service for being free. Thank you BBC

Muhammad Azeem Aslam, Pakistan
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Essam , Egypt
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solene france

Gabrielle, France
Interesting and pleasant to watch. Poor man ! Dressed like he is ! Could our Teacher tell us if these phrases are used or if they are as old-fashioned as his clothes.

Meskerem Tezera, Ethiopia
I say it is interresting and helps to improve my languages and it's also funy.

Meskerem Tezera, Ethiopia
I want to speak English but I can't and I want to read and understand more but some words I can't understand so I always see the dictionary but How to improve my language?

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Gita, Canada
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I like it. This type of teaching in great. Thanks

samer , saudai
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Henny van Heeswijk, the Netherlands
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faisal,saudi araibia
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Fantastic,fantasti,fantastic...thank you so much for providing this page with us and I will surely lean many idioms from it.

Lynn, Brasil
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it's new and very very interesting. I think that way to explain idioms must be pursued. I agree totally with Ibrahem from Egypt.

Karinn, Guatemala
I think the video is a great idea, the explanation is very clear and easy to remember and understand. Thanks a lot for this way to improve our English.

Nataly, Russia
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Jasser Rayas, Mexico
Well-produced, incredible illustrative and good for a laugh!!! Keep on going please.

Edward, Spain
It's a very nice way to introduce idioms to learners in an easy way that it's not difficult to memorize for ever. Thanks for this wonderful video

Omar Mexico
I think it is very useful to use the quality of the images, i really enjoyed learning in this video

I think thatit's very great way to learn english online and hope it will come more video like this in the future as i can improve my english very soon, thanks.

Daria, Croatia
The teacher is a quite credible actor- I do belive he is a fish out of water in a discoteque! :-) Ofcourse this is a funny way of learning some usefull expressions. Well done!

Christodoulou K, Cyprus
Very good indeed!

Mireille from France
It helps to memorize idioms. Associate images and expression is useful and should be more often in teaching.

Shraddha , India
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Leonardo, Brazil
Well... I´m a teacher and didn´t like this video. It´s dark and the character don´t speak aloud enough. I think if is possible more illumination... thanks a lot.

Ashraf (Pakistan)
Wonderful, an excellent method of teaching, understood all the idiomatics very well and can easily apply it in corresponding situations. One thing, instead of three or four, i think atleast 10 idiomatics should be in one lesson. Three seems bit less in a such an interesting lesson.

Shahjahan, Saudi Arabia
The teacher wants to teach us how we express our feeling with deferent ways

khadidja, Algeria
it's very funny, i liked it try to program it as pften as you can it's an interesting method to teach idomatic expressions.

Marco, Brazil
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Gustavo, Brazil
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Olga, Greece
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Cuong, Vietnam
is very good.I like it

Ana, Spain
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Original, Republic of Moldova
In spite of teacher's effort and some original ideas I suppose that this kind of studying is only wasting time.

Asif, Pakistan
An effective and interesting way to teach some confusing stuff about english language. He really made learning fun.Thank you for this opportunity to learn something new.

I like it,because it is brief and good for me to digest.

I think it's very funny!!! I thought I have learn more about fish!!! hahaha!!!

Jonney, China
it's very interesting. but i don't think so that's a good way of learing english

I want more of it.It was incredebly funny.It just had one disadvantage,it is like a teaspoonful of honey and I need more

Lola Prieto (Spain)
Very interesting and very good pronuntation. Congratualtion

Kathleen, Italy
My compliments! Idioms are always a problem for students and it's difficult to find enough material that's effective. I like the way you look at the root meaning underlying these idioms and the use of humour (loved the tank!!)I'll be having my students watch Teacher - and I'll be watching myself. I agree with Ana Paula about the lighting.

Ali, India
its really very good for thoes who want to learn idioms.

Ai Li, Malaysia
Congratulation! What a creative and dramatic way in teaching English.The Teacher has done a great job.I was playing the video repeatedly and felt funny still. That's the trick! To make us, the english learner, keep watching the video again and again, like watching a comedy,hence we can understand and practise the English repeatedly. I'll definately be your 'regular surfer'. I like it!

dong seok , korea
i would say it is really helpful for international stundets.i intend to see as much as i canthank you so much !

Laurent, France
The video is very good and the idiom's explanation is very funny. are there any archives on other idioms ?

Joe, Taiwan
It's a very interesting and effective way to learn English by watching videos. We can not only listen to the teacher but also see the vivid gestures and facial expression. I can't wait to see more videos like this one.

Saber, Iran
that was a good subject, but it didn't have a good quality and I could understand teacher's text hardly . meanwhile I am thanks from bbc Manager because this films help us to improve our english ability.

Sandy, Taiwan
I am not a kid but I like his interesting teach material and body language. They are very impressive and helpful to me.

Luis Eduardo, Chile
Nice idea. It can very useful for us. I think you can improve it by saving time (when he writes on the board, for instance) and adding situations where learners can identify the expressions in a real context and do some interactive exercises (multiple choice in a Flash file). His sense of humour may not appeal to everyone and besides there is no need to be funny.

Daniel, Brazil
My congratulations! It's really a good way of learning, and I understood the whole explanation, but sadly on my computer the quality of the image and of the sound did not worked well. What can I do to improve it?

Abdulaziz, Kuwait
thank you very much for this video, i wait for more like this video, by the way you have nice glasses

YN, China
A vivid teaching method. Well done! I will never forget those 'FISH' idioms. Thanks!


leila, Israel
I think that the teacher first video is a perfect way for teaching and learning. We know that teaching idioms is not easy,as students said "tell me I forget, show me I remember".the performance of the teacher is excellent. He showed his students the video and then told them the idiom by writing it clearly on board. Good work! thanks.

Praveen J, India
well it's cool

Bas, Netherlands
Pretty funny! And straight forward.

Tom, Slovakia
Funny, inventive, helpful.

Françoise, France
Great! A wonderful example of the famous British sense of humour and a very useful and pleasant way to teach, or learn English. I did enjoy your video and am looking forward to watching the next ones!

Frank, Italy
I think it is a good idea for teaching English with a modern metod, without using books and looking for interest of learners; it would be better if the teacher could return more often. best wishes

Samer, Saudai
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Claus, Sweden
what can i say just great

claus sweden
he was funny but i want the programsa little bit longerkeep on going pleasebest regards from claus

Perihan Eryüce, Germany
Thank u for teaching us:) I like the video and I am happy to know about new idiomatic phrases.. Such a video is really an opportunity to improve the english skills of people with other mother tongue..

Mostafa Alijanian, Iran
it is a fantastic part in learning system in your web. the explanations are clear and understandable for every one but the voice and picture quality is not as good as it should be for great bbc

It's such a good way of learning English idioms, but I find it a little bit more funny than really instuctive.

Isabel, Spain
Fun and interesting!!! It´s a lovely way of learning idioms. Thanks a lot, but I hava a small problem with the sound the pen produces in the board, it´s a bit annoying. Apart from that it´s great!!!!!! Thanks.

lilians montevideo uruguay south america
not only the video is very interested,the teacher too,but for me that i have difficult for understandig, i always read the transcript, thank you for all.

Victor, Mexico
I thins is very usefuel. It's simple, it covers the goal and teach good thing.Thnks to bbc for theses courses. I hope that these courses continue for a long long time.thanks

Muzaffar Ahmad Dar
The quality of the video is good but frankly speaking the way the teacher who was trying to teach the English language fell flat for me Could,t understand what the said teacher was trying to teach me

chimanla Parmar, India
this is indeeed a great way of teaching.keep it up BBC

Toshiro, Japan
It's best to learn something with fun!Teacher makes the study of idiomatic phrases easier, with humor and clear presentation.

Sri Lanka
Thank you BBC. This type of activities kindle the interest of the students in learning English as a second language. Meaningful learning takes place.Herath, Sri Lanka

Marco, Costa Rica
It's clear and useful. Go on with this excelente idea.

Jordi, Spain
Very good idea!We have and expression here similar to that one "a fish out of water" which is (translated) "like an octopus in a garage".Looking forward for the next issue. Cheers!

Márcio Brener, Brazil
Congratulation to BBC Learn English Team, your outstanding work is very, very, very important to my development.Thanks

It is really usefull.

mehdi shirkhani-iran
that was quite not only fishy but creepy & immesurably fruitful to me.i back such inovation in teaching & learning up strongly and vehemently.because its quite piece of real english (not an artificial)which every thing pertaining to learning english is associated with. listining,comprehension,facial expression,funy tips 7 tricks that can immortelize newily learnt materials.bye the way we can this way mimic as exactly as he/she does and make our pernounciation more identical and approched.Thanx a zillion and all acknowledgmant massively dedicated to you and all the stuff in there.bye and godspeed in teaching english journy

Olivier Hardy, France
Congratulations to "The Teacher!He knnow how to mix humour and serious. And in this short video he showed us his teaching skills.Thanks for all. As always in this great website you offer us very good materials to improve our english skills.Here is one from my country :In this website I feel like " afish in the water" (un poisson dans l'eau)= I feel very confortable ;)What's next?

(hehehe) very funny video, The teacher is kind fishy but rather funny. Thanks BBC, you always give me good lesson to improve my english.

Carlo, Italy
Very effective clip !

Ignacio, Argentina
Very clear!!! PerfectI like so much this education´s way. It´s dynamic. thanks so much BBC!!

Fernanda, Brazil
I loved the video and it was very easy to understand. Congratulations for BBC Learning English by offer this very usefull tool for people who study by themselves.

Khairelsid, Sudan
I like this method for explaining animal idioms. Please send me more vidoes I am sure there's more than one fish in the sea.

Norma, Mexico
It was very funny, interesting and easy to understand. The sound was not very good, though.Good job!

Najla, Yemen
I loved it. It makes us know more idiomatic structures and memorize them easily. It is also fun. Thank you! Keep it up...

Willstrong ,China
I am Enghlish learner ,so I don`t know how to comment it .If have something ,I think it have some interesting more or less.

Saadat Mond, Pakistan
Thank you BBC for taking this initiative. I feel it's a very effective way to impart the knowledge and understanding of difficult idiomatic expressions. It could further be improved by bring in dialogues that actually make use of the items in meaningful situations.

Are these actually popular idioms among English speakers?I am not sure about that.There seems to be something fishy about the video,but I have learned a lot.I am looking forward to next time.

Luiz Alexandre - Brazil
Good vídeo, good explanations, easy to understand de idiomatic expressions,but the sound its a little lower. I turn up completely my loudspeaker to be able to listen the video. Anyway, thanks for this new way to learn English.

Ignatius M'Barracuda
Is chump maybe but learning chump so good, no?

Faratin, Iran
it is excellent but the sound is too low to hear

Vasily, Russia
I think it's as interesting as all your products. Thank you for it. It's a serious food for brains.

Pasquale, Italy
Hi, nice but not special

alkerou ,Niger
it's very great and i think that you can easily learn english with BBC.

What a great idea! Splendid! The Teacher is what is called innovation. I totally support you guys. My only suggetion is that you can teach a little bit more idiomatic phrases like five at a time maybe. I sincerely appreciate your hard working.

Joaquín, Spain
Congratulations!I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I’ve found it fantastic and the sense of humour is great!I think is very useful. I look forward watching from the next video on 21st June.Thanks!

Lily, Hong Honk,SAR
It is really a good and effective way of teaching. I can easily remember the idoms after watching the video.

Víctor, Argentina
A very good first programme.It would be nice if we could download it in an mp3 version in order to save the video file in our ipod or PC.

Sergio M Schwab, Brazil
Great stuff! Looking forward for more! Congratulations!

Well, Thanks the teacher teach me something about That's ok and do it often...

Cantar, Somalia
They're three usefull idiomatic phrases and I hope the teacher will continua his efforts.

prab, India
i think it,s a good way to teach and this video was quite easy to understand. thanks to BBC for this,it will help me to improve my english.

Augustin Nsabiyumva from Burundi
I think that it is really interesting to use video in classroom. It is a good material, but expensive. In poor countries, we don't have the possibilities to buy a video in all teaching.

Gerlinde, Germany
A wonderful and easygoing method to learn idoms. I really like it! Keep going!

well,to be honest, it is a useful and good programme for English students, and I hope you have different topics on different issues so that every one will be aware of everything.Thank you.

August Spain
This video is very funny and the theacher is a good actor.

Christophe, France
Very good idea to present some english idioms in such ways, the screenplay allows us to understand these idioms easily and the text is very comprehensive for non english speakers. The teacher is very funny too. It's really a different way to learn english.

Antonio, Spain
I find it really useful, not only because we can learn the phrases in context, but also because it is a very good listening activity.

i haven't see the vedio because the connection is somewhat slowlyI hope the you allow us to download it

jerry. zambia
it's good and funny.

I understood your video much !I'd love to study idiom in English by this way !It's interesting !But I think if there is a text together this video is greater !Because my skill of listening hasn't been fluently ! So I hope there will be a test together with your video so that I can see which I couldn't listen!Thank you very much !I'd love your video much !!!!!!

Ikram Ul Haq, Pakistan
It is very helpful to improve my english language.

rached france
Thanks to BBC,The Teacher video very goodidea,his ways in teaching is wonderful and clear

Oh! The Teacher video is very interesting. Althought, it is rather simple, I really like it. I also enjoy learning English in BBC.

Kirsti, France
Funny. I love idioms.


Ric, Ireland
I find it a great idea first. Secondly the video is well done: short but effective and funny too. I have already learnt the idiomatic phrases with no effort.Well done again BBC Learning English! Ric

Nikoloz, Georgia
It's really good.

José, Spain
Excellent. The teacher uses clear language suitable for different levels of english, and as he writes on the blackboard you understand better.

Saudi Arabia
The video is great, excellent for learning English.Thanks

Jean, Belgium
This is a really wonderful way of learning. I feel it's very creative, very effective. Could you organize such lessons more often (once or twice a week..) ?Thanks so much, bbc-learning English, for your creativity, ..

fiammetta,from Italy
The video is great! Only a trouble,the sound is too low,also if I raise the volume...Bye

sriramulu k, india
not much novelty in these three idiom

Roya, Iran
It was great. I love all the programmes of BBC learning English. I hope it would continue.

Franco, Italy, Arezzo
I quite disagree with Laura. I have found it effective and fairly amusing. Congratulations to "The Teacher" who is a likeable,witty young man. Pity the audio was rather faulty. Some words in turn are whispered, almost inaudible.

Laurent, France
I think it's a good idea to present some idiomatic expressions with humour and the video aids. It's a very interesting pedagogy because it's something new that can facilitate the retention I think.

Louis Letta. Tanzania
It is a very interesting technique of teaching english!Iwill try to use it to my students.

Michael, Germany
Very good. Looking forward to enjoy those videos more often.

Kathleen, Italy
I think the "chump" is wonderfully silly! And the visualisation of root meanings underlying idiomatic expressions is good. (Loved the tank!)I'll be having my students watch you. And will be watching myself. Plus points for humour and clear diction. The glasses are too top-heavy and lighting could be better. Cheers

Halyna, Ukraine
I like new lesson. Thanks BBC for new step in teaching english . It's very interesting and very easy to understand these idiomatic phrases.Special words about teacher: he is great!

Sorry,Torsten Verbier from China,you didn't actually enjoy the video,so you can end your relationship with The Teacher.But don't forget that "there are more plenty fish in the sea".As for me,I'll be pleased to meet The Teacher again on 21 June,even if I'd have preferred last 1st April...

Mr Dude, Moscow, Russia
That's superb!The entertainment was splendid.Where did you fish out this queer fish?But...I live (it up) in small russian town where one and all drink like a fish.I've 4.2 Bps :-( , this cost me 1 Fish (I mean US dollar) and what did i WATCH? (VIDEO all the same!)The Poor Fish scribbling... He need to prepare for!There is no need trick with mark pen.OKYou must spoil before you spin, who knows.Good luck!

Javad , Iran
oh ,that was great and this way is a very fun to learn idiomatic experations. Thanks alot.

Ahmad zubair Afghanistan
i think it is a very good way to improve out english so we need more explantion next time thanks

sonya, India
I enjoyed the video and the idioms were easy to understand. I think the guy who played the teachers part, mixes learning and fun togeather. Would request you to put up more videos of this kind. It makes it more vivid and ineterestng. :)

Tomasz, Poland
Very good idea!!! I am rally looking forward to next video lesson.

Gyanendra Karki, Nepal
Wonderful! I got what he wanted. His messege delevary art is inccredible. Great!

Serge France
Very good. It's a funny way of learning idioms.The teacher is ok .Obviously, he isn't like a fish out of water.

Nicolas France
Hi there!The video is good indeed but it would help us understand if the three idioms and their explanations were seperated with something like 'idiom one', 'now idiom number two'...

Amna, Pakistan
well i like the idea and indeed was very excited when i first came to know about this new way of learning but when i downloaded it, there was no voice, i tried refreshing the page thrice but again the video was clear but no voice, i am a but disappointed

Pius Schürch, Switzerland
I like that kind of teaching very much.It's very didactical. Thank you very much for being so creativ and innovative.

Isabelle, France
what a good idea of yours! could you think of bringing some similar video with idiomatic phrases around money?

It's wonderful. The teacher video is very good and we really need it to our kids.

hameedullah, Pakistan
Thanks a lot! its a unique of its kinds to get acquantant of such kind of idiomatic phrases. It, definately, has added a few more words in my bag.It would be appreciated if such method is continuted, please.

Lora from Greece
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WSF, Hong Kong
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