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Lad mag
lad mag

Lad mag


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Lad mag. Lad mags. Let's look at 'mag', first of all - shortened form of the word 'magazines'. 'You got these mags?' - that's been around quite a long time. 'Lad', the other part - a young man, or somebody who acts like a young man. 'I feel like a lad, sometimes.' And you put the two things together and you get 'a lad mag'. In other words, a magazine for men.

And usually, the term is with reference to the kind of soft porn magazines that you find on the top shelf of newsagents. But, actually, it has a more general usage too. I mean, lad mags can be any magazines with a male orientation - so I've heard the word used for magazines about motorbikes and tech-y magazines - that is, magazines to do with technical subjects - or adventures stories have sometimes been called 'lad mags'.

Written, by the way, sometimes as a single word, and sometimes as two words - 'lad mag' - I'm not quite sure which is the most common usage at the moment. But there is one thing and that is that it isn't just a male prerogative, this kind of coinage. Women's magazines, like 'Cosmopolitan' and 'Vogue', are sometimes called 'chick mags'!


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