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Welcome to our new series, Entertainment! Find out about new films, books, works of art and other entertainment features. This week’s programme takes us to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where we explore the world of comedy. William Kremer introduces us to some of the performers and Jackie Dalton explains some of the language related to humour. We find out why people think British humour is rather special.

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Vocabulary used in the show
an acta short piece of performance
satirea type of comedy that ridicules or criticises people, behaviour or ideas
to be pretentiousto try to seem more important or clever than you really are
sketchesshort humorous performances
stand-up comedywhen a comedian stands up on his or her own in front of an audience and tells jokes
inventiveoriginal, with many new ideas
wackyunusual in quite a pleasing, but silly way
dry humourhumour that is clever and expressed in a subtle way
the underdogsomeone who is seen as a weak and unsuccessful member of society
sarcasmwhen you use words which mean the opposite of what they actually say, usually to mock or criticise someone
cruelnasty and unkind


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