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- Britain's Greatest Painting


- Carnival


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The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up, Turner

In this week’s programme we find out about the Greatest Painting in Britain, following a BBC survey to find out which painting in Britain people like the most. We look at some vocabulary related to art and painting.

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Vocabulary used in the show
a landscape painteran artist who paints pictures of the natural world
Impressionisma style of art which in particular uses colour to create effects of light or feeling
a shipa large boat
to nominateto officially suggest someone or something to be given a prize, duty or position
a narrativea story
minimalist artart that’s of simple design
an abstracta painting which represents the qualities of something, not its actual physical appearance
objectivebased on facts, not influenced by emotions
the painting's compositionthe way things in the painting are arranged


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