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This week, film critic Nicola Christie talks about a new movie by Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski. The film is based on Charles Dickens' great novel 'Oliver Twist'. It takes us back in time to 19th century London and it tells the moving story of a poor boy who falls in with a group of young thieves.

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Words and expressions from the programme

to be thrilling
to be exciting

to be engaging
to be interesting, involving

to be larger than life
to be exaggerated, funny

a caricature
a silly or funny representation or something, or someone

to be scary
to be frightening (informal)

to be daunted
to be nervous, worried

the dialogue
the conversation between characters

to fillet
to cut (usually a piece of meat or fish)

told through Oliver's eyes
told from Oliver's point of view, from his perspective

showing difficult or unpleasant situations as they really are

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