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In the programme today we find out about Florence Foster Jenkins, who became very famous for being one of the worst singers in history. Sixty years after her death, a play based on her life has just opened in London.

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Words and expressions from the programme
a socialite
someone who is well-known for going to many fashionable parties and who is often very rich

to be eccentric
to have habits or opinions which other people find strange

to be enthusiastic
to be keen and excited about something

she was tone deaf
she could not sing in tune or recognise different tunes

a diva
a well known and respected singer, usually of opera

a din
a loud unpleasant noise

the worst singer who ever drew breath
the worst singer to have ever lived

extremely painful and difficult to listen to

run out of something
to have no more left of it

to rationalize something
to find an explanation for it

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