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Mark Kermode talks about Ralph Fiennes' new movie
In this programme we look at another stage of reviewing a film, giving your opinion. We take examples from BBC film reviewer Mark Kermode who has a very direct and entertaining way of describing movies he likes or doesn't like.

We then have an outline and review of the new film 'The Constant Gardener' which stars Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz.

Before you listen to the programme, look at the questions below. You can hear the answers in the programme. You can check your answers in the quiz from the Extras section.

What is Mark's personal opinion of the following films?
1: Elizabethtown
2: In Her Shoes
3: Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were Rabbit
4: The Constant Gardener

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Words and expressions from the programme

a contender
someone or something which has a chance of winning a competition

throwing up
being physically sick

to have no intention of doing something
to have no wish or plan to do something

a (total/complete) stinker
a film which is very very bad (a stink is a really horrible smell)

it's perfection
it's something which is perfect

a web of intrigue
a complicated connection of secret plans

a duff performance
a bad piece of acting

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