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- Film Reviews - Giving personal opinions


- Teenage novelist


- Florence Foster Jenkins


- Harold Pinter


- Serenity

Film Reviews
This month find out about:

Film Reviews - Giving personal opinions
We look at another stage of reviewing a film, giving your opinion. We take examples from BBC film reviewer Mark Kermode who has a very direct and entertaining way of describing movies he likes or doesn't like.

Teenage novelist
We meet a young British writer. Catherine Banner is only 16 years old and her first novel 'The Eyes of a King' is due to be published in 2007. We find out more about the writer and her novel.

Florence Foster Jenkins
We find out about Florence Foster Jenkins, who became very famous for being one of the worst singers in history. Sixty years after her death, a play based on her life has just opened in London.

Harold Pinter
We hear about a famous English playwright, Harold Pinter, who was recently awarded this year's Nobel Prize for Literature. The Swedish Academy in Stockholm described him as one of the leading representatives of drama since the end of the Second World War in 1945. He is also known for expressing his political views against the war in Iraq.

language from the world of film, and an interview with the director of cult TV series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', Joss Whedon, about his new movie, 'Serenity'.
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