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- Film Reviews - King Kong


- John Lennon


- Cheese and dreams


- Film Director - Mike Newell

John Lennon
John Lennon, a 1960s icon

John Lennon


It's now twenty-five years since John Lennon, the former Beatles star, was shot dead. We revisit that sad day and find out why John Lennon is still remembered by so many people today. Listen to Entertainment to hear some interesting answers.

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Words and expressions from the programme

a person, group or item that represents a certain time in history, e.g. John Lennon

an altercation
a short, noisy argument

an autograph
the signature of someone famous, e.g. on a book or a photograph

a police squad car
an American English noun for an ordinary police car

to be pronounced dead upon arrival
an official announcement that someone has already died before arriving somewhere, usually at a hospital

the words of a song


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