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- Film Reviews - King Kong


- John Lennon


- Cheese and dreams


- Film Director - Mike Newell

King Kong
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Film Reviews - King Kong
Back in 1933 and again in 1976, a giant gorilla was let loose on the city of New York. He went on the rampage then, and he's rampaging now - leaving terrified New Yorkers running for their lives!

John Lennon
It's now twenty-five years since John Lennon, the former Beatles star, was shot dead. We revisit that sad day and find out why John Lennon is still remembered by so many people today.

Cheese and dreams
Earlier this year, the British Cheese Board decided to conduct a survey to find out whether there's any truth to the age old question: "Does cheese give us nightmares?"

Film director - Mike Newell
The fourth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, has just been released in the UK. We feature an interview with the director of the film, Mike Newell.
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