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- Multi-faith Christmas

London lights

Multi-faith Christmas


At Christmas time, it's always worth remembering that there are many countries where Christianity isn't the main religion. The official religion of the UK is Christianity, but here in London - one of the world's most multi-cultural cities - there are many non-Christians who also celebrate Christmas. In this programme, Yvonne Archer finds out why this is the case and what they like to do at Christmas time.

As you listen, try to answer these questions:

1) Christmas is an official holiday in Sudan; what is Sudan's main religion and who gets the day off?
2) What is a Christmas 'sermon'?

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Words and expressions from the programme

an official holiday
a day or period of time when most people in a country or company don't have to work, although some emergency workers such as hospital staff and police cannot all be away from work at the same time


types of containers that food is served in or eaten from, in this case, different types of food which are prepared in a particular way for Christmas

in this case, usually shiny decorative balls and lights that are used to make a a Christmas tree and a room look colourful, pretty and attactive

Christmas tree
traditionally a fir or pine tree that people put in their houses and decorate to celebrate Christmas

the religious, moral talks that are given by priests

to meet up
a phrasal verb meaning to meet someone at an agreed place at a certain time

to make up
a phrasal verb meaning to become friends again after an argument


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