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Image from a film about Mozart
Image from a film about Mozart

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart. He was born in Salzburg, Austria in January, 1756. Salzburg is making the most of this occasion. Austrian retailers have developed everything from Mozart drinks, yoghurt and sausages to Mozart perfume.

Here in the UK, there is also much excitement, including many plans for special performances of all of Mozart's work and documentaries exploring his life. But is all the excitement really worth it? Not everyone thinks so. Jackie Dalton explores some different views on Mozart's work.

As you listen, try to answer these questions:

1) What does Philip think should be done to mark the anniversary of Mozart's birthday?
2) Does Anthony like Mozart's music?

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Words and expressions from the programme

to cash in on
to make money from

incredibly dull
very boring

of no interest at all
not at all interesting

extremely surprised

a moratorium
a period of time when you stop doing something. For example:
The government called for a moratorium on nuclear testing.

that's complete nonsense!
that's not true at all

having to suffer through
having to watch/listen to something boring or annoying

the sense of celebration
the feeling of excitement for the occasion

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