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A dragon

If you had the chance to tell an entrepreneur with lots of money about a wonderful business idea you have or about something special that you've invented - but on a reality TV show - would you be brave enough to do it?

Contestants on the BBC's TV series "The Dragons' Den" are! And the world of business will never be the same again! On Entertainment today, we find out that it is possible to make business entertaining.

As you listen to the programme, try to answer the following questions. You'll hear the answers during the programme.

1: What goes wrong as James tries to show how great his electric egg cooker is?
2: What's the most important thing to do before you make a pitch?
3: If an entrepreneur has a great idea, does it matter if the investor doesn't like him or her?

You can download the script at the bottom of this page.

Listen to the programme

Words and expressions from the programme

an entrepreneur
a person who sets up their own business

an inventor
someone who creates something that never existed before

people who enter competitions

a dragon
a large, frightening imaginary animal that appears fairy tales and breathes out fire

to pitch
to present an idea or a product in such an interesting way that people will want to spend money on it

people who use their money help other people or businesses because they think they will make even more money for them

to be insightful
to understand something really well, even if it's complicated

to be swayed
to be convinced, persuaded to do something

a punt
a risk, a chance

to have an affinity to someone
to feel that you are similar people, have things in common


download scriptProgramme script (pdf - 20k)

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