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Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon


The film 'Walk the Line' is about the life of country music star Johnny Cash and his relationship with his wife June Carter. In the film the role of June Carter is played by Reese Witherspoon. She has already won two major awards, the Golden Globes and Screen Actor's Guild prizes for Best Actress and she has been nominated for a BAFTA (the British film awards) and an Oscar.

In this programme we hear from Reese Witherspoon about the singing in the film which she performed herself along with co-star Joaquin Phoenix. We compare their singing with an original recording of Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Before you listen to the programme look at these comprehension questions. You can hear the answers in the programme. Check your understanding by trying the quiz from the 'Extras' section below.

1: When did she find out she would be singing in the film?
2: How did she feel when she found out she would be singing?
3: What did she think of her voice after two weeks' practice?


Vocabulary from the programme

to be nominated (for an award)
to be chosen as one of the people who could win a particular prize

needless to say
an expression used before something which the speaker thinks is obvious and easy to understand

I broke my leg last week, needless to say I didn't come in to work the next day.

My team won the cup final last year, needess to say I was delighted

to get out of (doing) something
not to want to do something anymore, to avoid doing it

To get out of doing my homework I pretended to be ill.

Don't forget to check your comprehension with the quiz below.

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