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- A night at the theatre


- Japanese Budo


- Do you enjoy your job?


- Awards ceremonies

Theatre performance

In this programme we find out about a night out at the theatre.

What makes the theatre so special?

What expressions can you use to describe what you thought of a show?

Why is the theatre less popular than it used to be?


Expressions from the programme

to see something live
to see something while it is actually happening.

Example sentence
I saw Michael Jackson perform live at a concert in Birmingham.

...and that's the thing about it
that's what makes it different from other things

Example sentence
That's the thing about him, he's very friendly.

with two parts

Example sentence
The room has a dual function - it's both a kitchen and a living room.

a monologue
a play for one actor, or a speech made by one person

Example sentence
The new play is a monologue performed by Jenny Harris.

the show is sold out
there are no more tickets left

Example sentence
I wanted to see last night's performance, but it had sold out.


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