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- A night at the theatre


- Japanese Budo


- Do you enjoy your job?


- Awards ceremonies

The theatre
This month find out about:

A night at the theatre
In this programme we find out about a night out at the theatre. What makes the theatre so special? What expressions can you use to describe what you thought of a show? Why is the theatre less popular than it used to be?

Japanese Budo
We look at pastimes in Japan, the kind of things that you do in your spare time.

Do you enjoy your job?
People are happy with their jobs for any or all of the following reasons:
a) The job is well paid e.g. stock broker.
b) The job has prestige e.g. doctor, lawyer.
c) The job is worthwhile e.g. teacher.
d) The job supports others e.g. your family.

Awards ceremonies
It's that time of the year for award ceremonies. There are the Academy awards, the BAFTA awards, The Golden Globe awards, and we've just had the Grammy Awards!

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