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- Filmmaking in the UK


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Have you ever wanted to work in the movie business? Well in this programme you can hear from someone who does!

There's a lot more to working in films than just putting the film together - and as the UK is the second largest film industry in the world, there is a whole organisation responsible for all areas of filmmaking in that country.

We talk to Samantha Perahia from the UK Film Council and find out how she promotes the UK as a desirable place for filmmakers to come to and make their films.

As you listen to the programme, try to answer the following questions. You'll hear the answers during the programme.

1: Who funds the UK Film Council?
2: Which country has the largest filmmaking industry in the world?
3: How does the UK government reward filmmakers who make their films in the UK?

You can download the script at the bottom of this page.

Listen to the programme

Words and expressions from the programme

parts of a subject or situation


buildings, equipment or services needed for a certain situation - in this case filmmaking

to draw
here, it means to attract interest from

first and foremost
the very first thing; the most important thing

to devise
to create


a budget
a plan of how much money you have available to spend on somethnig

important or noticeable

an amount of money that is spent on something

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