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The South Bank
London's South Bank
This weekend London's South Bank area is host to the Inside Out festival. In this programme we talk to Jude Woodward who is cultural advisor to the Mayor of London. She tells us about the South Bank, the festival's name and what will be happening.

Before you listen to the programme look at these comprehension questions. You can hear the answers in the programme. Check your understanding by trying the quiz in the Extra section below. You can also download the whole programme in mp3 format and follow the transcript.

1: What does Jude think about the South Bank area?
2: What happens at the Globe?
3: Where will the market stalls be put?
4: What can you get for free on the Tate boat?


Vocabulary from the programme

a bank
a side of a river

a venue
the place where a (musical) performance is given, such as a concert hall or stadium

a setting
a location, the general environment

The cottage is in a beautiful setting, overlooking the sea with a mountain behind.

a stall
the place in a market where things are sold. Often these are temporary structures which can be removed at night.

to ferry (someone somewhere)
to transport people or things from one place to another, usually a short distance

a ferry
a boat that carries people or things across an area of water

(it was) thrown in for free
(it was) made available without charge, you don't have to pay

If you book the hotel room for three nights you get breakfast thrown in for free.

Don't forget to check your comprehension with the quiz below.

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