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Music 1996

Music 1996


In today's programme we take a look back at the music of 1996, the year learning English material first appeared on the BBC World Service web site.

We find out what was number one the singles and album charts on this date ten years ago. We also hear extracts from the best selling songs and albums of the year.

We also hear the group most associated with Girl Power and the winner of the 1996 battle of the Britpop bands.

You can download the script of this programme from the 'Extras' section below.


Vocabulary and grammar from the programme

a walk down memory lane
an expression which means you will be remembering things in a nice way

holding the top spot
staying at number one in the pop music charts

in stark contrast
completely different

with tears in the eyes, crying

pocket money
money that parents give to children regularly

a situation when something that is meant to have a particular result has an opposite or very different result

It's ironic that global warming could lead to a new ice age in northern Europe

took the world by storm
became extremely popular and successful around the world

its peak
the period when something is at its most intense or strong

a fierce rivalry
very strong competition between people, organisations or bands

to clean up (at an awards cermemony)
to be the most successful and win lots of awards

The past perfect
had + past participle

This structure is used when you are talking about the past to refer to something that happened before that time in the past.

In April their album was number one in the charts. They had announced in February that they were splitting up.

It was the best selling album in 1996. It had been released in 1995.

In 1995 Blur had beaten Oasis to the number one spot but in 1996 Oasis cleaned up at the Brit Awards.

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