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Fisherman with mackerel
A fisherman in Cornwall with a catch of mackerel
As part of our week on health, we're talking about the benefits of eating oily fish.

Many doctors say that you should eat at least a portion of fish every week.

How often do you eat fish such as salmon or mackerel? (For a list of oily fish look at Extras at the bottom of this page.)

Listen to this report.


Words and expressions from the programme

Omega 3 fatty acids
a fat that is present in oily fish

Example Sentence
People say Omega 3 fatty acids are good for you.

to prescribe
when a doctor tells you what medicine you should have

Example Sentence
The doctor prescribed some vitamins with Omega 3.

the amount of food that is given to one person

Example Sentence
This is enough for two portions.


Example Sentence
This fish has a high level of Omega 3.

a mixed diet
eating different kinds of food

Example Sentence
You shouldn't eat the same food every day. You should have a mixed diet.

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