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Eurovision song contest

This year, Greece is hosting the Eurovision contest. Singers from across Europe will be competing against each other to win the votes of viewers at home.

This week we find out about the Greek entry to the Eurovision Song Contest and ask why it is so important. Try to answer these questions as you listen.

1: Why does Viron think the Greek song for the Eurovision Song Contest is especially important this year?
2: Does Viron think the Greek song will do well in the contest?
3: Does Soula like the song?


Vocabulary from the programme

Greece will host the contest
the competition will take place in Greece

Anna is representing Greece
Anna is performing for Greece

she is a big name
she is very famous, well-known

they will follow it closely
they will watch it carefully to see what happens

whether we like it or not
something will happen whether we are happy with it or not
You must eat those vegetables, whether you like it or not.

to be flexible
to be open to different ideas and possibilities

not a hundred per cent
not completely
I'm not a hundred per cent sure if I can come tonight.

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