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- Greek Eurovision


- The Queen's Birthday


- Oily Fish


- Music 1996

Eurovision song contest
This month find out about:

Greek Eurovision
This year, Greece is hosting the Eurovision contest. Singers from across Europe will be competing against each other to win the votes of viewers at home. We find out about the Greek entry to the Eurovision Song Contest and ask why it is so important.

The Queen's Birthday
This month there's a special birthday in the UK. The Queen, Elizabeth II, is 80 on April 21st. Jackie Dalton finds out more about her, with the help of the Queen's friends, family and royal experts.

Oily Fish
As part of our week on health, we're talking about the benefits of eating oily fish. Many doctors say that you should eat at least a portion of fish every week. How often do you eat fish such as salmon or mackerel?

Music 1996
We take a look back at the music of 1996, the year learning English material first appeared on the BBC World Service web site. We find out what was number one in the singles and album charts on this date ten years ago. We also hear extracts from the best selling songs and albums of the year.
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