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Swiss Re tower

Welcome to Entertainment! This week Anna Jones finds out about a major exhibition at one of London's most famous museums, the Victoria and Albert, a museum that specialises in art and design.

Here are some questions for you to answer as you listen:

1. What kind of exhibition is it?

2. What does the reporter think that the biggest success of the exhibition is?

You can download the script for the programme at the bottom of this page.

Listen to the programme

Words and expressions from the programme

a movement that reacted against the old and against tradition

to drive someone
to give someone a strong reason for doing something
Example sentence
I was driven to get a job helping children after I saw a film about kids being mistreated.

made in large quantities by repeating the same process many times
Example sentence
Those dresses are all the same - they've simply been mass-produced.

a manifestation of (something)
a sign that it is happening or exists
Example sentence
Modernism was a 'manifestation' of the need for better organised societies.


download scriptProgramme script (pdf - 22k)
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