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In today's programme, we review the new British film "Confetti".

To celebrate a wedding, lots of small pieces of coloured paper are thrown over the bride and bridegroom - and those pieces of paper are known as 'confetti' so it's easy to guess that the theme of the film we're reviewing is weddings!

As you listen to the programme, try to answer these two questions:

1. Does Bedisha think the film will be a success?

2. Is a 'mockumentary' intended to be a serious film that's full or facts or a very funny film?

3. Jo described the experience of attending the film premiere as'nerve-wracking'. What does she mean by that?

Listen to the programme

Words and expressions from the programme:

wedding planners
people who are paid to do all the work necessary to create the type of wedding that a couple hopes and wishes for

film critics
people who are paid to write or talk about their opinions on various films

a low budget film
a film that has been made with a smaller amount of money than most other films

works in its favour
is an advantage, helps to make the film a success

a film premiere
the very first time that a film is shown in a particular country or area before the general public are able to see it. A premiere is attended by specially invited guests.

mock, to mock something
to make fun of something by imitating or copying it in a slightly cruel way; the intention is to make people laugh

a documentary
a film, television or radio programme that gives information and facts about a particular subject

making the words up while acting

a written version of what happens during the film; actors memorise their words from a script

the words that the actors say during the film

the fans
the group of people who are interested in the film and want it to be a success

the press
the media - people who work for magazines, newspapers,television and radio


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