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a strip of film

In this edition of Entertainment - Offside! A complicated rule in football but also the title of a new film by Iranian director Jafar Panahi.

In the game football when you are 'offside' it means you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and this is what happens to the main characters in the film. It's the story of a group of Iranian women football fans who desperately want to see a World Cup qualification match their team is playing.

Due to regulations in their country they are not allowed into the stadium, but they try to get in anyway ....

In this programme we look at some of the language of describing and talking about film. You can download the complete programme and also the script at the bottom of this page.

Listen to the programme

Words and expressions from the programme

it's really terrific
it's very good

it's a gentle film
it's an easy film to watch, without strong and angry conflicts

with a feeling of sadness

with a good understanding of the situation

to get something
to understand something

No matter how many times someone explains it to me, I just don't get it!

charming and likeable

a heavy subject
a serious and important topic

funny, not serious


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