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- Shakespeare's Globe


- Offside


- Tea

The Globe Theatre
This month find out about:

Shakespeare's Globe
The Globe theatre on London's South Bank was the theatrical home of William Shakespeare. In this edition of Entertainment Callum Robertson goes to the modern reconstruction and interviews the director of Globe Education, Patrick Spottiswoode.

The Film - 'Offside'
In the game football when you are 'offside' it means you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and this is what happens to the main characters in the film. It's the story of a group of Iranian women football fans who desperately want to see a World Cup qualification match their team is playing.

The English are a nation of tea-drinkers. Everything stops for a cup tea. The English couldn't cope without their afternoon cup and all the social rituals and formalities that come with it... Or could they? Jackie Dalton looks at some of the myths and realities of the English and tea. You'll also be provided with some tea-related language.

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